How To Prevent Aneurysm

An aneurysm is localized balloon like bulge formed in the wall of blood vessels. It can occur anywhere in the blood vessel, in brain, heart or abdomen. when aneurysm increase in size, its chances of rupture increases which can lead to heavy internal bleeding which can be life threatening.

Aneurysm form due to variety of reasons. Factors affecting blood vessel wall and blood flow through vessel contribute to its cause. Once occurred aneurysm are very difficult to treat. The best way is to avoid getting them. Here are some best ways to avoid getting aneurysm.

1. Fruit Rich Diet

A large study done to investigate effect of fruit and vegetables consumption to risk of developing abdominal aortic aneurysm revealed that those who consumed more than 2 fruits per day than those who consume less fruits (less than 1 a day) showed 25 % less chance of developing aneurysm and 43 % less chance of rupturing aneurysm. So, include fruits in your diet to help you avoid getting aneurysm, or if you are suffering from it, to lessen the chances of rupture. Apart from including fruits in your diet, nutritious and healthy diet should be taken for healthy and fit body. [1]


2. Stop Smoking

Studies have shown that smoking significantly increases the chances of getting aneurysm. The risk is particularly high in those people who have family history of this disease. Though the causes remain unclear, it may be harmful substance in tobacco smoke that could lead to the development of aneurysm.[2]


3. Physical Activity

Physical activity is very important. Try to get as much physically active as you can. Physical activity should be planned and structured. it could be in any form like dancing, walking, swimming etc. Just do not overdo it. If you are suffering from some ailments do consider asking your doctor about how much exercise you can do.[3]


4. Avoid Being Overweight

Being obese is unhealthy and invites variety of disease. The case hold true for aneurysm as well. A study showed that excess fat deposition or being overweight was associated with increased risk of getting aneurysm. Controlling obesity is therefore absolutely important to avoid getting aneurysm.[4]


5. Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Over the time high blood pressure can cause condition like aneurysm. Overtime the constant pressure of blood moving through weakened artery can cause it to enlarge and form a bulge.This aneurysm can consequently rupture and cause internal bleeding which can be fatal. Uncontrolled blood pressure creates high chances of developing aneurysms, therefore medication and precaution should be taken to avoid further damage to the heart.[5]


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