How To Cure Scabies

ScabiesScabies is one of the most anti social diseases present in the planet. In fact, various people would conclude there isn’t any need to take medication and remedies under scabies. Scabies is a contagious skin disease mostly affecting the children, and also adults.

These are generally caused by mites. This disease is highly communicable and can spread easily. Scabies skin disease can be identified by itchiness and pimples that are irritating. Various remedies are there for proper treatment of scabies.

Ways To Cure For Scabies

Preventive Cures

As a preventive measure, the sufferer shall firstly notice that his nails are properly trimmed and cut, this is because the disease carrying toxins are mostly present in the nails. One shall also clean the affected areas of the body with neem leaves and boiled water.

neem soap for bathing

While suffering from scabies disease one shall use neem soap for bathing and cleansing as it contains natural antiseptics. One home remedy is to add oats to a warm bath. This helps in providing relief for itching and irritation. For cleansing, it’s best to use products containing natural ingredients.

Onion Cure Remedy

Cure through onion is a recommend method based upon various reports of herbal home remedies. Onion is highly effective for itch relief and treatment.

Firstly one needs to cut the onion in two half pieces and then scoop the centre out for making an empty and hollow space. After this, add some salt to it, then the extra onion liquid needs to be applied to the affected area while the salt dissolves. This is a simple home remedy for providing quick relief.

Margoza Herb

Another efficient herbal home remedy for treatment of scabies is Margoza, a herb which is commonly found in India. For gaining relief in Scabies, Margoza needs to be applied to the affected area after massaging it gently.

Aloe Vera

The anti bacterial and anti fungal properties of the margoza oil are known to clear out scabies mites. Aloe vera and ginger juice can also be used for treating scabies rash.

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Sauna Bath

One easy way for curing scabies is to visit a sauna. The dry heat coming out from sauna is helpful for eliminating the mites, although this method consumes more time. One can make use of eucalyptus oil or orange oil in the sauna for getting quick relief, as the mites will easily die.

Mites are unable to survive the smell from these oils. Most people make use of this remedy for effectively treating scabies. Fresh apricot juice can also be applied over the target area.

Neem Leaves For Treatment

A useful way for termination of scabies causing mites is to make a paste by blending neem leaves with an equal amount of turmeric powder in addition to mustard oil. This paste must be applied over the affected skin and needs to be left unaffected for an hour. Neem leaves can commonly be found in the Indian subcontinent.

Neem Leaves

Neem tree bark is also used for tonic and its seeds produce an aromatic fragrance. There are various other remedies for healing, curing and treating scabies. Before taking any medication, it is always necessary to consult a doctor.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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