How To Cure Epigastric Problems

Epigastric problems include pain in the upper abdominal region, just below the part where the ribs end. Epigastric related symptoms usually get expressed right after the consumption of food.


The main cause for this clinical condition is attributed to the excess production of gastric juices in the stomach. Lack of treatment of the condition is likely to cause various types of ulcers.

Epigastric cures can be availed with the help of various medications. Some of the common medications that are used for the cure of this particular ailment are as follows-

Ibuprofen For Epigastric

Epigastric pain is mainly caused by the soreness of the digestive organs. Ibuprofen has anti inflammatory properties and is therefore used to cure this symptom. The medication is available in the form of pills.

On consumption, the pill gets dissolved in the small intestine and forms a protective analgesic coating on the inner lining of the stomach. The protective coating reduces the swelling of the digestive organs, thereby reducing gastric pain.


Antacids For Epigastric

One of the symptoms of epigastric is the formation of acid in the stomach. This leads to a severe burning sensation in the stomach and the throat. The condition is cured by taking antacids.

Antacids are bases and when taken neutralize the overproduction of acids in the stomach. They mainly contain sodium bicarbonate. The compound is available in the market either as pills or in a soluble form. The pills have to get dissolved in water before consumption for immediate effect.

Antacids have to be taken under strict medical guidance. Using more than the prescribed amount will alter the pH balance of the stomach and cause symptoms like nausea.


Cimetidine Treatment For Epigastric

Cimetidine is a recommended drug used to reduce epigastric pain. On consumption, the drug produces the desired effect by inhibiting the production of gastric juice. Since over production of the juice is one of the main causes of pain, the drug is most commonly prescribed by doctors for epigastric cure.

Doctors also recommend the use of Cimetidine in case of epigastric ulcers. The drug has been established to have a favorable effect on inflammation and excessive production of gastric juice in stomach.


Ranitidine For Epigastric

Ranitidine is the most common form of antacid found in the drug market. It blocks the production of histamine in stomach. The chemical composition of the drug helps to treat ulcers and restricts acid formation in the stomach. It also works on other epigastric symptoms like esophagus reflux and stomach fullness. Zantec and Tritec are the two forms of Ranitidine available in the drugstores.


Omeprazols For Epigastric

These contain proton pump inhibitors that block the Hydrogen/ Potassium ATP enzyme system. This system is responsible for supplying hydrogen ions to the stomach. These ions get used up under normal digestive processes but in case of over production of gastric juices, the ions add on to the acidic medium of the stomach. Inhibiting the production of the ion helps to curb the inflammatory symptoms of Epigastric pain. Losec, Prilosec, Lomac and Omepral are some of the common over the counter forms of Omeprazol drugs.

Other than these medications, patients suffering from the gastric ailment will have to follow a strict dietary schedule to reduce the symptoms. Epigastric cure can also be availed by practicing some home based remedies.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.