Best Natural Cures For Gallstone

gallstones natural cureGallbladder is a small organ located just beneath the liver within the upper right abdomen. This pear shaped organ stores bile, a hormone produced by the liver that aids in digesting the fat, till it is used up by small intestine for digestive purpose.

Bile usually consists of cholesterol, fats, water, bile salts, bilirubin, proteins etc. When the concentration of cholesterol and bilirubin increases in the bile, it may get hardened to form stone like structures and if left untreated it may even block the flow of bile from the gallbladder leading to inflammation of the gallbladder, liver and pancreas.

When the stones reach 8 mm in size, they start to produce symptoms which occur as sudden attacks with a pain on the right and upper abdomen, on the back between the shoulder blades and as pain in the right shoulder. In worse conditions patients may have fever, nausea, vomiting, yellow skin and clay colored stool which indicates the need for immediate medical assistance.

Doctors usually carry out physical examination, blood test and even ultrasound examination to confirm the presence of gallstone and perform laparoscopic surgery to remove them. But there are non-surgical natural remedies to get rid of the gallstone which stimulate the gallbladder and promote the flow of bile.

Natural Remedies For Gallstone

Dandelion is widely used for treating gallstone because it contains a bitter substance taraxacin that stimulates the production of bile. Since dandelion has a bitter taste you can mix either Oregon grape or milk thistle with dandelion.

Milk thistle is also an effective herbal treatment for gallbladder, liver and pancreas. Milk thistle not only inhibits the excessive cholesterol production but also maintains the production of healthy bile and there by prevents the gallstone formation. This property of milk thistle is due to the presence of silymarin. In order to get the best results milk thistle should be taken at moderately high doses and daily. Occasional consumption of milk thistle does not provide any results.

Artichoke is another herbal remedy for gallstone as it contains caffeoylquinic acid that stimulates the production of bile which helps to dissolve most of the cholesterol and fat deposits in the body.

Cyanarin which is a derivative of caffeolyquinic acid also stimulate the bile production which is at par with any of the conventional gallstone treatment. If you purchase any herbal extracts of artichoke then make sure caffeolyquinic acid content in it is not less than 8%.

Oregon grape also assists to increase the blood flow towards the liver and bile production and thus helps to get rid of the gallstone. Oregon grapes can be used to make a tea and if used in combination with other herbs such as marshmallow, slippery elm, chamomile, dandelion, milk thistle etc will produce more soothing and relaxing benefits and also reduces the inflammation of the gallbladder.

Similarly rosemary and turmeric are also found to have good gallstone eliminating properties and hence their regular consumption may also help to ward off gallstone. A diet that is rich with fibers, low cholesterol, low fat, vitamin E and Vitamin C helps to prevent the recurrence of gallstones.

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