How To Cure Amnesia Naturally

Amnesia is mainly seen among the elderly people even though people of any age may get affected by it. Amnesia is a disease which usually results in memory loss and the affected person may feel difficulty in remembering the past events. They may also feel difficulty in learning new things. Forgetting simple things should not be mistook with amnesia as amnesia results in a large scale memory loss and people may forget important events in their life or they may forget some important people met in their life. Amnesia can be cured completely by following any of the simple home remedies mentioned below.

What Causes Amnesia

Amnesia is known to cause mainly due to organic or functional disorders. Organic problems due to injury of brain, brain tumor, stroke, heart attacks, hemorrhage etc. can result in partial or total loss of memory in some patients. Functional disorders due to natural disasters, sex abuse, child maltreatment and other emotional shocks can be considered as another main cause for the loss of memory leading to amnesia.

What Are The Symptoms Of Amnesia

The patients going through memory failure or amnesia may find it hard to identify faces of person even very familiar persons.  In some cases the patient may forget themselves even their names.

They may have trouble in recognizing places which can be considered as a symptom for amnesia. They may appear to be confused and moved ungainly.

Difficulty in studying new matters is another important symptom for amnesia. A short time memory is a warning sign for amnesia.

What Are The Home Remedies For Amnesia

Rosemary is one of the ancient herbal medications in the case of amnesia. An herbal tea can be prepared and can be taken twice a day as a remedy for amnesia.

The fragrant infusion of rosemary flowers was used for inhaling the smell in ancient days. This was considered as a good remedy for remembrance.

Brahmi booti is an excellent herb made use of in the treatment of amnesia. About 7 to 8 grams of this herb can be dried and then can be made paste with a little of water. Six or seven almonds along with a pinch of pepper powder can be added to the paste prepared. This paste can be strained as well as sweetened with about 30 grams of sugar and then can be drunk once in a day which is very efficient in curing the problem of amnesia.

Sage is considered to be valuable in curing amnesia. An herbal tea prepared using sage can be taken one or two times a day which is found to be helpful in restoring memories as well as increasing the attentiveness.

Almonds are known to be useful in the treatment for amnesia or memory loss. They are proved to be unique in curing brain incapacities and improving memory power. About twelve almonds can be drenched in water for the night to remove their skins. This can be made into paste and can be taken along with a teaspoon of butter. Almond oil is also advantageous in the treatment for brain weakness. Inhaling almond oil drops daily in the morning and evening can be mind refreshing and helpful in curing amnesia.

Walnuts are excellent in the medication of memory loss or amnesia. Ten to twenty grams of walnuts can be eaten daily which is found to be effective in bringing back the lost memories. Walnuts can be also taken along with raisins and fig fruits to increase the nutrients as well as the rate of healing.

One of the commonly used remedies in the case of memory loss is apples. Apples being rich in Vitamin B1, phosphorous, potassium etc. can very efficiently help in curing the problem of amnesia. This fruit can help in curing the injuries caused to the nerve cells and hence can enhance the nerves by providing energy and life. An apple along with a cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey can be taken daily as a treatment for amnesia.

Including other fruits rich in phosphorous in the diet of the patient suffering from amnesia can be helpful in curing the disease. Fruits like grapes, orange, dates etc. can be taken abundantly as a part of the treatment for amnesia.

Another chief medication for amnesia is cumin seeds. Two to three grams of black cumin seeds can be mixed well in about two teaspoons of honey. This can be taken once in a day which is proved to be advantageous in curing the dimness of memories.

Black pepper is another significant home remedy in case of memory loss or amnesia. Three to four seeds of black pepper can be crushed and mixed with a teaspoon of honey. This can be taken two to three times a day for the better results of treatment.

Basil leaves are very useful in the treatment of amnesia. A handful of fresh basil leaves can be boiled in about 200 ml of water to prepare a concoction. This can be strained after cooling.

Drinking this strained decoction can be beneficial in bringing back the memories. Chewing two to three basil leaves can also be helpful in the medication.

Exercises and meditation can be regarded to be very valuable in the treatment of amnesia. Yoga is beneficial in maintaining the strength of your brain and body.


A phosphorus rich diet is essential for the patients having the problem of amnesia or memory loss. Food items like cereals, nuts, egg yolk etc. are rich in phosphorous which can be liberally included in the diet of the patients. Cow’s milk is found to be very essential in the case of amnesia and can be taken generously along with other diets.

Plenty of rest and sleep is necessary for a peaceful mind which can be helpful in curing the problem of amnesia or memory loss. This can help in refreshing as well as sharpening your memories. Strong food items like coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks etc. should be restricted from the daily diet as these can worsen the disease.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.