Home Remedies Of Asthma Symptoms

Home Remedies Of Asthma SymptomsAsthma is an autoimmune disease that troubles millions of people in the world. Asthma symptoms can be extremely distressing depending on the severity of the condition. It can disrupt your entire life and cripple you to oblivion as it can tamper with your ability to do simple and everyday tasks.

The normal method of treating asthma is through the use of inhalers, nebulizers and medications. However, they may give only temporary relief and the symptoms almost always return. Discussed here are some great home remedies that help in treating and also controlling the symptoms of asthma.

Home Remedies of Asthma Symptoms


Garlic has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and hence great for reducing asthma symptoms and also for controlling asthma to a great extent. Intake of garlic will help in reducing and finally removing the bacterial action that could have caused the cough and created the mucous that is blocking the airways.

Asthma Symptoms

Take 4-5 garlic cloves a day for prevention and treatment. Garlic can also be added to a cup of water and boiled in low flame for intake. Garlic reduces the mucous and prevents asthma symptoms with regular intake.


Honey too is mildly antibacterial in nature and helps in keeping the throat and respiratory system clean and free from germs. Honey also heals the respiratory tract and eases the breathing process. Take a teaspoon of honey every day morning and evening for relief from asthma symptoms. You can also add a few drops of ginger extract or lemon for better effect. Honey vapors can also be inhaled for asthma relief.


Being an inflammatory disease, one needs to always look for ways to reduce the inflammation and prevent the symptoms of asthma from appearing. Taking ginger will help in the expulsion of mucous from the respiratory tract.

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The mucous that is trapped in the airways will be slowly released as ginger heats up the body and melts the mucous, removing it through cough. This will ease the breathing difficulty and symptoms of asthma.

Sage and Mullein

Mullein and sage have been used for generations for treating inflammatory disorders of the body. Either one of them or both can be used in combination for treating asthma symptoms. Take one teaspoon each of these herbs and add to a cup of boiling water. Steep the concoction for about 5 minutes and drink this twice a day.

Doing this every day will help in reducing the asthma symptoms and also the constant asthma attacks as well. Both these herbs are also antibacterial in nature and hence good for reducing infections of the respiratory tract that could have triggered the asthma symptoms.


Rich in vitamin C, lemon helps in building up the immune system and preventing asthma symptoms from surfacing. During an asthma attack, taking lemon juice will help in melting the phlegm in the respiratory tract and expelling it so that the person can breathe better. Take two tablespoons full of lemon juice and add it to a tablespoon of water.

Natural cure Asthma Symptoms

This can be taken once in the morning and once at night. This will immediately reduce the symptoms and doing this everyday will also act as a precaution from asthma.

Black coffee

Though black coffee does not actually have any medicinal properties that can treat asthma symptoms, taking hot black coffee can help in melting the phlegm and reducing the congestion associated with asthma. When you have an asthma attack, take hot black coffee so that the phlegm in the throat will immediately starts melting. Spit it out for instant relief.

Continue taking black coffee until the symptoms subside. Hot black tea too will have the same effect. The tannin in black tea has anti-inflammatory properties and hence a better beverage for asthma symptoms.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are anti inflammatory in nature and helps in controlling asthma symptoms and also in reducing its severity and number of attacks.

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Take half a  teaspoon of ground flax seeds every day for preventing inflammation and also for treating asthma. Continuous intake of flax seeds will help in treating all kinds of inflammation.

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Steam inhalation

Another simple way to relieve the respiratory tract off the mucous is to do steam inhalation. Steam inhalation will help the body to heat up and this will melt the phlegm, relieving the heaviness in the chest and breathing difficulty as well.

Steam inhalation will also induce sweating which will eliminate toxins and bacteria from the body as well, helping you get back to normalcy fast. For inhaling, take a pot with a narrow neck and boil water in it. Cover your head and the pot entirely with a thick sheet and inhale the steam until the steam is reduced. You can also do a steam bath r hot water bath for melting the phlegm.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile has soothing and relaxing properties and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Brew a tea with a tablespoon of dried chamomile added to a cup of boiling water.

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Steep for a few minutes and take it 3-4 times a day to bring down the inflammation and soothe your stressed out body and mind.


Eucalyptus oil is known to relieve the airways and ease the breathing procedure when you have asthma symptoms. For people suffering from asthma, this is a great relief. Take some Eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief and inhale it while you lie down. You may also sprinkle a few drops on the pillow with the same effect. Soon your airways will be relieved.

Orange juice

Two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice every day will keep your asthma attacks under control.

Asthma Symptoms

This is because orange juice is rich in vitamin C which boosts immunity and reduce the chances of inflammatory diseases like asthma. Take every day for prevention as well as relief.

Wild cherry

The bark of wild cherry is anti inflammatory in nature and can act as a natural expectorant for people suffering with asthma symptoms. Taking a tea brewed from wild cherry bark 2 times a day will help in removing the phlegm from the lungs and airways and ease the breathing trouble.

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