10 Home Remedies For Stomach Gas

Stomach pain is one of the common problems for children, men and women. It is generally characterized by pain, occurs at any location between our chest and pelvis. This type of pain occurs due to the formation of gas in stomach.

Stomach Gas

Stomach pain is generally caused when our stomach produces some of the odorless gases like oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. These gases are formed just because of different reasons. The reasons can be from swallowing of different gases while eating and drinking different kind of food.

Tips To Cure Stomach Gas Naturally

It is not important that every time we should visit the doctor to cure this, we can implement some of the home remedies that can treat this problem without going out. Some of such remedies are:

Lemon Tea

The first thing that can be tried to come out of this problem is a Lemon tea, with little bit honey added to it. This can relive your stomach pain.

Ginger Or Lemon Juice

Peppermint Teabags

People who are regularly suffering from stomach pain they should always keep some box of peppermint teabags with them. This helps your digestive system to work properly.

Tea Bags


We can make a concoction of mint juice, ginger juice and lime juice with little amount of black salt. Now, this juice can relieve your pain immediately.

Ginger Juice

Dry Beans

Take dry beans that is soaked and cooked.  Regular intake of this can prevent the formation of gas in stomach.


Soya Food

Soya food can be easily digested and can also avoid formation of gas. One should avoid snacks that contain sucrose or sorbitol.

Soya food

Warm Compress

Another most common gas remedies is known as warm compress. We should put bottle of hot water or bag filled with warm water or barley, and it can give us a calming effect. This warmth can help our muscles to get relaxed and it can also ease the digestive system.

Hot water


Apart from all these natural home remedies that are very good in nature, there is one more remedy which can be tried at home is Pepto-Bismol. This helps in stopping the over reaction of stomach acids. This tablet gets melted on our tongue and it can work as protective coating for our digestive system.

This will surely help us in stopping excessive amount of reaction happening in our stomach. If such tablets are used for longer period of time then they can surely provide more effects. So, it is always advisable to take such alternatives on immediate basis when you are suffering from stomach pain.


Water Intake

Increase intake of water and drinking lots of fluids will help you curing stomach gas problem. This will surely reduce the formation of gas. It can create wonders for our stomach.

Drink Water

Food Habits

We can also take foods that can be easily digested. We can add beans to our diet, because they are extra aid while performing the process of digestion. Even we should chew the food well before we swallow them.

Proper Diet


If possible we should add little bit of exercise schedule in our daily routine because it can surely keep the gas away.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.