Herbal Remedies For Bruises

BruisesA bruise is a common thing that everyone would have experienced. Bruise is also called as a contusion, which is an injury in which the blood vessels rupture, but there is no obvious breakout on the skin. The ruptured blood vessels cause the blood to drain into the tissue and this seeps into the skin. Bruise leads to seeping and pain and normally there is discoloration on skin, mostly blue or black. A few people are bruised even without realizing the trauma.

This could be caused due to Vitamin C deficiency. If there is a lack in the minerals and vitamins, the blood vessels weaken and become thin and become easily prone to ruptures even with the slightest of pressure. The other reasons could be menstruation and diabetes. A bruise normally fades out. In case it remains for a prolonged period of time it is advisable to consult a doctor. There are a few herbs, which effectively work on bruise and they are discussed below.

Various Herbal Remedies For Bruise


There are certain compounds in comfrey that have the power of reducing swelling and enhance the new cell growth. Take two cups of water and allow it to boil. Add thirty grams of comfrey leaves that are well dried or about sixty grams of the fresh leaves and steep it for ten minutes. Filter this solution. Soak a piece of cloth or a gauze pad into this solution and gently use it on the affected region as a compress for one hour.


Hot fermentation with comfrey leaves has been used traditionally since ancient times to treat cuts, sprains and bruises. Apart from just healing the bones and tissues, it also reduces swelling and speeds up the process of healing. Comfrey is effective because of the large amounts of allantoin it possesses. This substance helps in tissue growth, cartilage and bones both internally and internally.

St.John’s Wort

This herb is normally consumed as a capsule or tea to treat several ailments. However, the oil of this wonder herb is referred to as the wound healer. This herb is enriched with astringent and tannins and it effectively helps in shrinking the tissues and controls the bleeding of the capillaries. This herb also has antibacterial qualities, which is greatly useful in healing cuts and wounds quickly.

St. John’s Wort

To see best results, you need to start this treatment immediately after the bruise occurs. This procedure must be followed thrice a day.  Add a few drops of this tincture with any cream or organic oil and mix it well. Slowly apply this on the affected area or you could also use the tincture directly on the bruise and let it absorb it. Repeated usage will definitely deliver great results.


Arnica is known as an effective folk treatment for sprains and bruises. Arnica possesses anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and pain relieving qualities. It is used widely as creams, tinctures and capsules. For the treatment of bruises, take one cup of water, add about ten to fifteen drops of this tincture, and mix it well.


Take a piece of cloth, dip it in this solution, and gently apply it on the bruised area. This is effective and you will notice beneficial results when you do it regularly till the bruise disappears.


The herb Parsley is a commonly available and it is filled with healing properties and vitamins. This herb is a great remedy for bruise because it helps in shrinking blood vessels, which are small, and it is very effective for broken or thread-veins and bruises.


Take some parsley, mash them, and place it on the affected area. Use this fresh herb regularly and you will notice the bruise vanish within a few days.

Witch Hazel

The leaves and bark of witch hazel are primarily used as an effective ingredient in making several products, which treat many skin issues.

Witch Hazel

Take a little bit of witch hazel liquid or cream and apply it on the area, which is bruised. Doing this helps in dispersing the blood and quickens the process of healing. It also helps in decreasing the swelling in the bruised area and it acts as an antiseptic.

Other Remedies To Treat Bruises

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that is used widely to soothe skin irritation caused due to bruises. You can make a bruise compress by using a tbsp tincture of arnica, witch hazel bark, St. John’s Wort or chamomile flowers. Add 4 drops of essential oil (lavender) and cold water (two tbsp) to it.

Billberry extract contains anthocyanosides, which are powerful antioxidants. It helps in eliminating bruising by strengthening capillaries, increasing the levels of intracellular vitamin C and by stabilizing collagen.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.