9 Effective Herbal Treatments For Arthritis


Arthritis is a disease that is identified by pain, irritation of bone joints. It is derived from two Greek words: “athron” means joints and “itis” means irritation. Arthritis may occur in various ways and may become chronic disease if not treated in right time. Generally, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are common among all types of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis arthritis is the type that slowly deteriorates and solidifies the body joints. It results into deformation of joints and limited movement of the body bones. In this arthritis type, inflammation is very leas or totally absent. This type is usually seen among the people of age 60 and more. It generally occurs to older people. Unlike osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis is identified by irritation of the surrounding areas and membranes of the joints. The joints become puffed-up and tender. It causes harm to the immune system attacking its tissues. It attacks the people within the age of 20 to 40 years. This disease is generally more in women than men. The attack is uniform and symmetrical like both knees and hands. The joints may become distorted.


The most important symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain and tenderness of the joints and it gradually increases after doing work out. On the other side, rheumatoid arthritis develops gradually and slowly in several months resulting in persistent ache in the joints. Arthritis may affect the entire body and stop the body movement.


There are numerous causes that may cause arthritis disease. However, osteoarthritis is caused due to deformation or structural change in the joint cartilage; mostly the joints that are weight bearing like spinal cord and knees. Unlike osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis is caused due to pain in the joint linings (inside layer).

Alone with the pain, it also cause enlargement of the joints resulting in irregularity in the joints. This situation may arise due to hormonal disorder, mental or physical stress, excessive anxiety, infection or injury. This disease may be hereditary in some individuals.

9 Herbal Treatment

Angelica is an important herb that has been used by the ancient Europeans as arthritis remedy. Angelica archangelica is the scientific name of the herb. Prepare a solution mixed with one tablespoon of angelica roots in water. Cover it and boil it for about 2 minutes. Now remove the solution from the heat and allow it to cool down to the room temperature. Strain the prepared solution and drink it thrice a day continuously for 2-3 weeks. Stop the medication for next 7-10 days and can start it again if required.

Angelica archangelica

Treatment of potato juice is considered to be one of the most successful herbal treatments for arthritis disorder. It has been in used from decades. Take a medium size potato and cut it into very thin slices without removing the skin of it. Soak the sliced potato pieces in cold water and allow it to stay overnight. Drink the water in the next morning on empty stomach.

potato juice

Juice of any green leafy vegetable is also useful for arthritis treatment. Juice of mixed vegetable such as red beet, carrot and celery is a great arthritis remedy. The alkaline property present in the raw juice is helpful to dissolve the deposition surrounding the joints. The juice of pineapple is also very precious to reduce swelling and irritation of the joints.

Gree Leafy Juice

The presence of bromelian enzyme in pineapple helps to prevent arthritis disorder. Sesame seeds can help to reduce the joints pain. Take a 1/4th cup of water and soak one teaspoon full of sesame seeds in it. Allow it to stay for the entire night. Drink the water along with the seeds in the next morning before eating anything. It is another great remedy for arthritis.


Copper is another very positive treatment for arthritis disorder. You can drink water that was kept in a copper container or jar overnight. The water will be enriched with copper traces that are useful for muscle system. Copper ring or bracelet can be worn for the same purpose. Researches have showed that calcium is a successful treatment for arthritis.

Drink Copper Container Water

It is studied that most of the arthritis patient have been cured from joint pains totally by intake of calcium. Calcium must be taken in the calcium lactate form. Take two teaspoon of calcium lactate thrice a day mixed with water before having food for continuous four months.

Use of garlic is another very efficient remedy for arthritis. Garlic has anti-inflammatory property, which is helpful for arthritis prevention. You can consume the raw garlic or cooked one as the patient preferred. Consumption of banana is efficient for arthritis prevention. It is rich in vitamin B6. Consumption of banana for continuous 3-4 days is helpful for treating this disorder.


Eight to nine bananas a day is an effective treatment. Consumption of lemon is another useful herbal remedy for arthritis disorder. The citric acid present in lemon is very effective to solvent of uric acid, which is the chief cause of arthritis. Juice of one lemon daily mixed with water is a great medicine for arthritis. Drink the juice in the morning in empty stomach.

Lemon Juice

Intake of herbal alfalfa tea is useful for arthritis treatment. Take one teaspoon of alfalfa seeds and mix it with one cup of water. Consume three to four cup of alfalfa tea daily for about minimum f two weeks for effectual treatment. Consumption of green gram soup is another very efficient remedy for arthritis. It helps to reduce the joint pain to a large extent.

Alfalfa Tea

Prepare the sop by mixing a tablespoon of green gram in one cup of water along with two cloves of crashed garlic. Consume the soup twice a day. Castor oil treatment is a great option for arthritis disorder. Boil two teaspoon of castor oil on a burner. Mix the warm castor oil in a glass of orange juice and consume it daily before having breakfast. Continue the juice till the disorder is totally cured. It is essential to have alkaline diet, while implementing this treatment otherwise the effectiveness of the treatment will be gone.

Castor Oil

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