13 Delightful Remedies To Treat GERD

GERD or Gastro Esophaegeal reflux Disease is characterised by a flow of gastric juices back into the esophagus. A disease mostly affecting the elderly, GERD is not uncommon in the young and kids as well. GERD can affect babies too and is in fact a very common condition among newborns.GerdThough not a serious condition to be treated, GERD can very well be controlled with a few lifestyle changes and restrictions in the diet. GERD in newborns and children should be identified early on in order to prevent them from severe weight loss and dehydration due to the excessive bouts of vomiting. For women who are pregnant and for kids, administering home remedies would be a better idea as they are safe and can be completely relied upon for effective treatment.

The symptoms of GERD that has to be watched out for are pain in the chest, phlegm, heart burn, difficulty in swallowing food, sore throat, palpitations and breathlessness and even weight loss. Frequent flow of gastric juices into the esophagus can damage the esophageal walls. This is why it is important to treat and control the symptoms of GERD.

Ways to Treat GERD at Home

1. Ginger Root for Treating GERD

Ginger which is used for a number of stomach ailments can be administered here as well for treating and controlling GERD. Chew on a ginger root mixed with honey to prevent GERD attacks after meals. Ginger helps in easing the digestion process and prevents the gastric juices from travelling up, causing heartburn and severe distress.

Ginger Root

2. Cumin Seeds Can Help in Treating GERD

Cumin seeds help in reducing gas formation in the stomach which could be another reason for the gastric juices to be thrown back up. Relieving the gas formation will help in the gastric juices to remain in the stomach without travelling up. Add a tablespoon full of cumin seeds into a pot of water and boil the water. Consume this water instead of plain water to keep away from GERD.

Cumin Seeds

3. Skimmed Milk for Treating GERD

Severe cases of GERD can be a tormenting experience. When you eat spicy food, a sever attack of GERD could follow. This will be followed by chest pain and heart burn which could be very difficult to deal with. For avoiding the burning sensation, milk is a great remedy. Skimmed milk can ease agitated stomach muscles after a spicy meal. Drink chilled skimmed milk in small quantities every 2 hours to relieve the symptoms of GERD.

Skimmed Milk

4. Lemon Balm to Relax GERD

Lemon balm can essentially act as a balm for your stomach, relaxing the stomach muscles and relieving the symptoms of GERD. Take lemon balm after your meal to prevent attacks of GERD.

Lemon Balm

5. Orange Peel Extract to Subside GERD

Orange peel extract can be prepared at home or capsules are available in pharmaceutical stores.  Capsules can be taken at least three times in a week and continued until you see noticeable difference in your symptoms. Orange peel helps in calming the stomach and regular treatment can completely remove GERD symptoms from your system.

Orange Peel

6. Coconut Remedy for Treating GERD

When you have a GERD attack, sipping coconut water every hour helps a lot.  This can be continued all throughout the day. You can also use coconut oil for the symptoms to subside. Take around eight ounces of water and add 3 teaspoons of coconut oil into it. This has to be drunk slowly for relieving a GERD attack.

Coconut Oil

7. Cloves and Almonds Can Treat GERD

GERD can be controlled and cured using cloves and almonds. These can be added in your diet or consumed separately every day for prevention as well as cure. A handful of almonds a day could be all that you need to prevent GERD attacks.


8. Chamomile for Treating GERD

Chamomile can be used for calming and relaxing the stomach muscles that can trigger GERD. Chamomile tea can be taken 2-3 times a day or after your meals to prevent GERD from surfacing and relax the stomach muscles.

Chamomile Tea

9. Aloe Vera Juice for GERD Treatment

Aloe Vera, the healing herb can be used for curing GERD and controlling its occurrence. Aloe vera juice can be prepared at home with the gel or bought from health food stores for consumption. Aloe vera can also heal the esophageal wall that could have got burnt due to frequent contact with stomach acids. Add aloe vera in your regular diet to reduce and stop GERD attacks.

Aloe Vera Gel

10. Probiotics Can Help GERD Victims

Maintaining the Ph balance of the digestive tract will help acid reflux attacks and remove its occurrence naturally. Acidophilus present in probiotics helps in removing the bad bacteria from the stomach and cultivating good bacteria. GERD attacks can sometimes be caused due to an overgrowth of bad bacteria inside the stomach.


11. Apple Cider Vinegar Can Cure GERD

The acidic apple cider vinegar comes as a surprise remedy for curing GERD.  GERD patients are normally advised to stay away from acidic substances that can aggravate their symptoms. But in the case of apple cider vinegar, drinking a teaspoon of it every day seems to have a great curing effect on GERD. Apple cider vinegar can be used for curing mild to severe cases of GERD effectively.

Apple Cider Vinegar

12. Avoid Immediate Physical Activity to Control GERD

To control the symptoms of GERD, one must give time for the food to digest well before engaging in intense physical activity that can shake the stomach acids back up. Therefore preventing physical activity at least for half an hour after your meals is a good way to keep the GERD episodes minimal.

Avoid Immediate Physical

13. Diet Control for Treating GERD

GERD can be aggravated with certain foods. This includes foods that are very acidic like citrus fruits, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, coffee, tomatoes etc. It is better to keep away from them in order to prevent GERD. It is also important to eat smaller meals so that your stomach is not over stuffed, providing way for the acids to travel up. Take smaller meals of 6 courses to leave enough space in your stomach.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.