Best Vitamins For Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar DisorderVitamins for bipolar disorder don’t actually cure the problem, but they are known to lessen the intensity of some of the symptoms. Again vitamins help to enhance the overall health and fitness of the body so that a general feeling of well being develops in the patient. The vitamins of the B family are particularly known to be effective in curing depression, fatigue and anxiety.

Vitamin B 12 especially has a quick mood elevating effect when taken in shots. However, it should be avoided during periods of mania. Other vitamins beneficial for patients suffering from bipolar disorder are Vitamins A, D and E. Let us look at the role these vitamins play in the treatment of bipolar disorder symptoms.

Vitamins For Bipolar Disorder

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)

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This vitamin can be taken on its own or along with a pill of B complex. This is especially beneficial for patients who are suffering from problems in the circulation of blood.This is characterized by anxiety, tingling in the extremities, irritability, terrors at night, and other symptoms.

Vitamin B 6 (pyridoxine)

Along with regular consumption of B complex supplements, which are all meant as vitamins for bipolar disorder, patients should also take vitamin B6 supplements.

Vitamin B6

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This is especially beneficial for patients, who have a high degree of irritability and also suffer from the excessive premenstrual syndrome or motion sickness. However, if a patient feels tingling in the feet or hands, he or she should stop taking this vitamin supplement.

Vitamin B12

Helps the body to metabolize the food into energy. This is especially beneficial for patients, who are in the depression phase of the disorder as they tend to feel fatigued and listless.

Vitamins B12

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This vitamin enhances the energy levels in the body and helps to alleviate some of the depression. However, it should be avoided during the phases when the patient is experiencing mania. Another thing to be noted is that vegetarians are more likely to suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is well known as an antioxidant, and is known to reduce the frequency of seizures in some patients suffering from epilepsy apart from being one of the vitamins for bipolar disorder. Some medical professionals say that it is necessary to take vitamin E supplements if a patient is on anti-convulsant drugs because they tend to cause depletion of vitamin E in the body.

Vitamin E

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However, patients who suffer from high blood pressure should be careful while taking this vitamin and should monitor their blood pressure regularly once they start taking this supplement. If the blood pressure tends to rise it is advisable to reduce the dosage of this vitamin.

Vitamins A and D

Vitamins A and D are both parts of the vitamins for bipolar disorder and help to alleviate the symptoms. However, both these vitamins are fat soluble and will get stored in the body if taken in excess.

Vitamins A

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Unlike water soluble vitamins the excess does not get flushed out of the body and over dosage may result in hypervitaminosis. You should also be careful with fish oil supplements, which are rich in these vitamins.

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