Natural Cure For Bipolar Disorder

Cure Bipolar DisorderBipolar disorder is a condition of mental mood swings, with a high elevated mental status and then a deep depression. It can occur at any moment for a person. It affects all age groups and is common across the genders too. It is generally termed as mania. One of the treatments is going to a psychiatrist, but even before knocking at his doors, some of the home remedies suggested below can be implemented.

Tips To Cure Bipolar Disorder Naturally

Good Sleep

A good sleep can really make magic. Sleep helps in reducing the mental stress and calms down emotional imbalance if any. A good eight to ten hours sleep without any disturbance can help in keeping the mood under control. Sleeping helps in calming the nerves and relaxing the mind. Every day one should go to bed at the same time. One should sleep without lights on in a room. Dark room helps in getting to sleep quickly than a lit area.

Dietary Control

Certain food items can increase the mood swings unnecessarily. In such cases, people can avoid taking those kinds of foods, to be in good emotional balance.

Cure for Bipolar disorder

The items to be avoided are alcohol, Red meat, high fatty foods, intake of salt to be under control, coffee, food products containing caffeine should be avoided. Taking Caffeine reduces the sleep in a person and thereby increasing the emotional stress.


The method of pricking needles at various points of the body helps in calming down the mental status of the person. It helps in balancing the central nervous system and regulates body temperature. Acupuncture therapy is held in sessions based on the need of the individual. It is applied as per each individual need.

Exercise And Yoga

Mental calmness can be achieved through yoga. Regular exercise can also help in controlling the mental stability. It also keeps a tab on the weight and thereby mental health.

Cure Bipolar Disorder

Yoga can help in calming the emotional stress. Breathing exercises in yoga improve the condition of the mind and reduce the abrupt excitements or depressions.

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Natural Resources

A few natural resources available at home also help in reducing the bipolar condition, and they are orange Juice, nutmeg powder, rose petals, basil leaves, almonds (To be soaked the previous night and consumed next day after peeling the skin), apple along with milk and honey, asparagus root of about two grams per day, and scent of Lavender can calm the person.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Natural Cure for bipolar disorder

This is found in plenty in fish. People who do not like to take fish can take walnuts and canola oil, which are good sources of Omega 3. There are also supplements for Omega 3 available at drug stores. Omega 3 helps in reducing the mood swings and the unwanted reactions.

Intake Of Lithium

Taking foods rich in Lithium really helps in controlling the maniac conditions. The foods that have Lithium are Natural Mineral Water, Lemon, Sugarcane, Potato, Seaweed, and many others. Taking Lithium is proven to calm the nerves and help in good digestion. The above sources of Lithium are available in abundance and can be easily taken.
One needs to take care of the exercise, diet and sleep regularly in order to keep the bipolar disorder under control.

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