Best Exercises For Prediabetes

PrediabetesPrediabetes refers to the condition where a person has high blood glucose levels. However, the levels are not so high as compared to a diabetic patient and this is why the condition is referred to as ‘Prediabetes’. In simple terms, if your doctor says that you have prediabetes, it means that you are at risk of developing diabetes in future.

However, it is important not to feel disheartened if your doctor says that you have prediabetes. This is because studies have shown that while diabetes is not reversible, prediabetes can be controlled with the help of the right diet and exercise. In this article, we will discuss certain exercises that you can consider for controlling prediabetes. Read on.

Various Exercises For Prediabetes 

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises refer to physical activities (running, walking or using the treadmill) that enhance your blood circulation, pump up your heart rate and help you to lose weight. Cardio exercises are especially important for diabetics or people at risk for diabetes because these exercises allow the body to utilize glucose.


Another thing is that cardio exercises prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels – a condition experienced by prediabetic or diabetic patients. For best results, opt for cardio exercises at least thrice a week.

Interval Training

If you are at risk of developing diabetes, opting for interval training that emphasizes on doing high intensity and low intensity exercises alternatively can be a good idea.

Interval Training

Furthermore, studies have shown that by doing interval training for even 10 minutes can significantly lower blood glucose levels within 24 hours. While interval training is beneficial for people at risk of developing diabetes, it is better to consult a trainer in this regard. Doing it on your own can do you more harm than good.

Strength Training

Strength Training

Studies have proved that diabetics or even prediabetics can benefit if they combine strength training with cardio. According to one study, participants who combined strength training with cardio had lower blood glucose levels, as compared to those who opted for only weight training or aerobic activity. Ideally, you should do weight training for at least twice a week. Keep the duration 20 minutes for each session.

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Creative Exercises

If you have a tight schedule, it may be impossible for you to go to gym regularly or even walk for 30 minutes in the morning. However, it is crucial to understand that doing physical activity is important for preventing diabetes.


In such a situation, you can opt for certain creative exercises. For example, you can use the stairs rather than taking the lift or walk around a bit during the lunch hours. Also, instead of sending a colleague an email, you can deliver the message in person. Little changes like these ensure that you burn some extra calories.



You can also try out yoga exercises for reducing your risk of developing diabetes. Certain effective yoga postures can include big toe pose, downward facing dog, Mayurasana, triangle pose, Paschimotasana, and forward seated bend.However, it is better to consult an expert, rather than trying out these postures on your own.

Opt for these exercises and fight back against diabetes.

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