9 DIY Homemeade Sugar Scrubs You Can Try At Home

DIY Homemeade Sugar Scrubs You Can Try At Home

Sugar is a delicious and amazing ingredient which can make your skin amazing and marvelous. Sugar is a natural scrubbing agent which would deep cleanse your skin and remove all the dirt and impurities. The tiny crystals and particles of sugar work wonders on your skin making it free from dirt, impurities, and pores which makes the skin clear and smooth. Sugar scrubs are the best scrubs which can make your skin glow and shine. For any season and for all the skin types, the sugar scrubs are provide awesome and cool results when used with amazing natural ingredients. If you have been looking for such unique and natural sugar scrub recipes, here are some of the choicest and cool recopies which can get you smooth and clear skin in no time!

1. Coffee Sugar

Coffee when complemented with amazing ingredient like sugar gets miraculous. Coffee is such a redefining and moisturizing agent which gets enhanced when blended with sugar granules. Coffee and sugar together would deep cleanse the skin making it more smooth, supple and shiny. Also if you have dry and rough skin during winters, this amazing scrub would make your skin flawless!

Coffee Sugar

2. Coconut Oil Sugar

If your skin is highly rough, dry and itchy and you want some added moisture and nourishment for your skin, try this amazing and cool scrub prepared from coconut oil and sugar. Mix some coconut oil and sugar and scrub your skin with this dazzling mixture. It would make your skin soft as silk and beautifully glowing!

Coconut Oil Sugar

3. Chocolate Coconut Oil Sugar

Chocolate does not only taste yummy but also it work wonders over the skin. Mixing some chocolate powder, Coconut oil and sugar would get you one of the finest and high impact scrubs which can make your skin adorable and divine! This wonderful mask has the ability to change your skin from dull and lifeless to smooth, velvety soft and adorable!

Chocolate Coconut Oil Sugar

4. Salt Sugar

If you want a cool and balanced scrub which can retain moisture and remove extreme greasiness from your skin, try this super cool scrub which can give your skin beautiful glow and cool texture. Mix some salt and sugar and scrub your skin with this absolutely refreshing scrub and you would get desirable results soon!

Salt Sugar

5. Lemon Honey Sugar

Lemon is rich with antibacterial and antiseptic properties which brightens the dark skin, fights infections and bacteria and deep cleanses the skin while sugar nourishes and moisturizes the skin in a dreamy way! Mix some lemon juice and honey with sugar and apply this amazing scrub on your skin while rinsing it with Luke warm water. You would get amazing and adorable skin within few applications!

Lemon Honey Sugar

6. Oatmeal Honey Sugar

Oatmeal complements sugar very well as it is a cool scrubbing agent which makes the skin more glowing and adorable. Mix some oatmeal and sugar and soften this paste with some honey. This scrub would get your sin the cleansing from oatmeal, smoothness from honey and glow from sugar and make people envy of your mesmerizing and irresistible skin!

Oatmeal Honey Sugar

7. Cucumber Mint Sugar

If you want a refreshing and tingling brand new scrub which can get a refreshing and soothing feel to your skin, this is one of the most stunning and awesome scrub which you can try. Especially during hot and itchy summers, when your skin gets immensely dry, oily and youth less, you can try this scrub which would redefine and rejuvenate your skin. Mint is highly beneficial in making your skin fresh and sooth while cucumber would also make your skin cool and completely adorable. Try this mask and get results as never before!

Cucumber Mint Sugar

8. Banana Sugar

Bananas are soft and they make the skin even more super soft! The banana sugar scrub would make your skin smooth and supple without making it dry and itchy. Bananas make the skin nourished and filled with all the essential nourishment which the skin lacks. Mix sugar and banana crush and scrub your skin with this amazing mixture for a natural glow. Frequent use of this scrub would soon get your skin more gorgeous and smooth!

Banana Sugar

9. Ginger Sugar

Ginger is a well known ingredient to fight germs and to remove impurities. The same thing ginger does for the skin. In the regular life our skin gets infected with dust, bacteria and such other polluting and skin degrading agents. This amazing scrub made with ginger and sugar would simply redefine the texture and smoothness of your skin making it glow and shine. Apply this amazing scrub on your skin regularly and you would get glorious and completely enviable skin in no time!

Ginger Sugar

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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