6 Easy Natural Cures For Beriberi


Beriberi is a disease caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B1 in the body, also known as thiamine. It refers to many symptoms caused by the lack of this vitamin. Beriberi is classified into three types, one which involves the nervous system, the second which involves the cardiovascular system and third which is related to the age of the patient.

Beriberi affects the major functions of the body such as, muscles, heart, nerves and the digestive system. The symptoms include emotional disturbance, weight loss, pain in the limbs and irregular heart rate. Though the problem may seem severe, but cure is at hand through natural ways, some of which are listed below.

6 Various Natural Cures For Beriberi

Brown Rice

Rice is the staple diet for most of the people in India. But most the rice eaters consume the white polished rice. Using brown rice instead of white rice helps in fighting the condition of beriberi.

Brown Rice

Brown rice has high dietary fiber when compared to white rice and is also rich in thiamine.  This is the reason why it is said to avoid eating polished or white rice which is de-husked in nature.


There are certain fruits which help in fighting the conditions of beriberi. Orange is one such fruit. Oranges are full of vitamin B1. So it is recommended to have lot of oranges and orange juice as a part of your daily diet.

Orange Juice

Bilimbi is another fruit which is full of medicinal properties. It is often used to make pickles in India. Eating a few of this fruit atleast 2 times a day helps to treat beriberi.


The Indian long pepper too is good to treat the condition of beriberi. Orally consuming some a day, can help in treating this condition. Pepper is very effective in other medical conditions too and has a huge medicinal value.


You can also take 10 black peppers in a vessel, add salt and water and bring this to a boil. Use this boiled water to have a foot bath to treat the condition of beriberi.

Rice Bran Oil

When a person suffers from beriberi, he should be given food which is cooked in rice bran oil. Rice bran oil helps in having a healthier heart and has anti cancer properties.

Rice Bran Oil

It is also rich in vitamin B. Rice bran oil helps in balancing your nervous system and also works to build your immune system.

Seaweed And Green Gram Soup

Take some dried seaweed and green gram in the ratio of 1:2. Soak the seaweed in cold water for one hour. Simultaneously, soak the green gram in water for two hours. Cut the seaweed to small pieces.


Then boil the seaweed and green gram in two cups of water. This has to be boiled till the gram is soft and tender. Add brown sugar to this. Store it and have some of it once a day, for a few days.

Other Diets

Lemon is a good source of vitamins and can be used to treat beriberi. Squeeze the juice of a lemon and have it directly. If you think this is too strong, you can dilute it with a little water. Other thiamine rich foods like whole grains, leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, nuts and yoghurt can also be taken to treat beriberi.


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