Best Wii Games for Quick Weight Loss

weight lossObesity is a major problem worldwide. Though various diets available in the market argue that they can make you lose weight magically, the truth is that you can lose weight by following a proper diet and regular exercise routine. Now, while following a diet is comparatively easier, many argue that they can’t exercise because of reasons such as lack of time or financial constraints that restrict them from joining a gym.

Well, if you don’t have the time to join gym, you can opt for wii games for losing weight. The best part is that they are quite cost effective and since they are home based, you can practice them even if you lead a busy schedule. Here are few wii games that you can consider for losing weight.

Various Wii Games for Quick Weight Loss

The Biggest Loser

If you have loved the TV show, chances are high that you would love the video game as well. The best thing about this game is that it includes physical exercises that have been designed by physical trainers of the show- Michaels and Harper. Furthermore, it includes voices of the contestants as well as host of this popular show Allen Sweeney.

stretching exercises

The Biggest Loser game targets various types of exercises such as weight training, aerobic and stretching exercises. Depending on your health goals and body size, these exercises can be modified so that you can make the most of the game.

My Fitness Coach

My Fitness Coach is a popular video game where a virtual fitness trainer known as Maya will guide you. This game is a personalized one that evaluates your current fitness levels, encourages you to form your own weight loss goals and tracks your progress.


This video game contains a huge range of exercises that include aerobics, kick boxing, yoga, weight training, Pilates and cardio. If you have any specific goals, you can choose the appropriate program for fulfilling them. The game also includes tutorials. So, if you don’t know how to do a particular exercise, you can check the tutorial for doing it correctly.

EA Sports Active

EA Sports Active includes 35 exercises that target different parts of the body that include upper and lower body. In case you are in mood for a full body workout, you can try out the total body circuit routines.


Furthermore, the game includes outside exercises such as paddle surfing and skiing. Another interesting aspect about this game is that it includes core workouts such as crunch, abs, punches and curl ups. It also has an in house journal that measures how far your fitness levels have progressed.

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout

This option is best for those who love to dance. It is also perfect for those who have suffered any minor injury and are looking for light exercises. An intriguing feature of this wii game is that it prior to each dance program; it gives an idea of approximate number of calories you would burn during the session.


Furthermore, it allows users to build their own workout routines by including mini games and dances. Consider these interesting games for losing weight and staying fit.

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