How To Prevent Hair Breakage

Hair BreakageStraight, curly or wavy hair in red, blonde, brown and black shades are all susceptible to hair breakage and damage if not properly maintained. Poor diets, excess alcohol intake, lack of a hair care routine or lack of awareness about how to care for your tresses often results in a snarling nest that is hard to maintain. If you find your locks limp and lifeless and are embarrassed to meet friends without a cap, it is time to change your routine, work towards preventing hair damage and fixing those locks for a lovely, lustrous, salon styled mane!

These helpful tips below talk about the main causes for hair breakage and the things you can do to fix your hair! These are inexpensive, do-it-yourself hair care techniques for healthy, happy, shining locks. No expensive salon treatments, no need to order ridiculously expensive products online and definitely no need to panic! Follow these simple, smart tips to prevent breakage of hair and watch as your tresses grow long, strong and beautiful!

Nine Ways To Prevent Hair Breakage

Trim The Ends

Trimming the ends of your tresses is one of the best ways to prevent breakage in hair. If handled by an experienced and skilled professional, the trim removes split ends and damaged hair tips without reducing the length beyond the required limit.

Trimming hair

Trimming your hair once every forty-five days to sixty days, depending on your hair growth, ensures that the end do not grow out thin, split, become dry and brittle. If split ends are not dealt with immediately, they progress towards the hair shaft further damaging the hair. Trimming your hair about half an inch regularly makes your locks look neat, removes any dry, ragged hair and prevents split ends damaging your beautiful tresses.

Pick Natural Hair Care Products Where Possible

Choose your hair care products from shampoos to conditioners and hair creams, sprays, potions, lotions and setters wisely. Many products in the market contain harmful chemicals that dry your hair, sap it of its natural oils and results in dull, lifeless, limp, damaged hair. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are common ingredients in many soaps and shampoos, and overuse of products containing these compounds can damage your locks. Natural hair products and ingredients promote healthy hair growth, help strengthen hair roots and prevent breakage of hair.

jojoba oil

Sulfate-free formulas containing avocado oils, jojoba oils, Aloe Vera, lemon extracts, gooseberry extracts, almond oils and herbs are an excellent option to treat and prevent hair breakage.


After a head massage, wash or oil treatment, your locks are left shining, smooth, silky and soft, making it very easy to manage your hair at all times. Unlike harsh shampoos that make your hair dry and susceptible to breakage, natural remedies cleanse the scalp without sapping your roots of natural oils and moisture from the roots leaving you with soft and bouncy tresses. Amla, Hibiscus oil and Shikakai powder available in Ayurvedic stores are a great solution for damaged hair.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

After you have washed your hair do not brush it. Use a wide-toothed comb instead. Brushing your hair damages the roots and ends leading to split ends, hair breakage and hair fall. The best solution to prevent breaking hair is to gently comb it while it has been conditioned, before washing it off.

don't brush wet hair

This removes tangles gently without tugging at hair strands and prevents additional hair fall due to rough handling. Even after your hair or dry or moist, use a paddle brush instead of a round brush for less breakage and damage.

Gently Massage Your Hair

To keep your hair soft and hydrated, massage a few drops of non-sticky oil into your hair every day for lustrous locks and smooth hair. This helps you prevent hair break, dryness and brittle hair ends. Use light oils and gently massage this into your. Even when you are washing your hair, ensure you do it gently, massaging the shampoo or conditioner slowly in circular movements throughout your head.

hair massage

Choose a hair oil like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, corn, almond or lanolin oil that are very good for restoring moisture to dull, limp locks. Hot oil treatments, when done carefully rejuvenate your hair roots and promote hair growth for strong and long locks!

Minimize Heat Treatments

Blow-drying, ironing and hair straightening treatments when done frequently tend to damage your pretty tresses leading to dull, lifeless and dry hair. You should minimize your use of hot irons, blow dryers and heat treatments including washing your hair with very hot water.

minimum heat treatment

Luke warm water is best suited for a hair wash and prevents hair breaking. Heat removes all natural oils from the scalp, causing dryness and turns your roots brittle, resulting in breakage and stunted hair growth. As far as possible, try letting your hair dry without using a blow-dryer, gently rubbing it dry with a soft towel. If you have to use a dryer, make sure it is at least six inches away from your hair and work with the lowest heat setting on your dryer.

Comfortable Head Wear

An important part of hair care is the hair accessories you use. Tight clips, rubber bands and hair ornaments break the hair stalk and wear away the cuticle, leading to hair fall and breakage. Tight braids, hair extensions and other accessories put pressure on the hair roots causing pain and excessive hair fall and sometimes bald spots in the area. Try switching to hair bands and clips that hold the hair without excess pressure.

Tight braids

Instead of plastic hair bands and rubber bands, opt for metal or cloth bands without teeth to hold your hair firmly without tugging at the strands. Get clips with wide teeth to prevent your hair getting tangled in them. This is one of the chief causes of hair breakage and you can prevent it with stylish yet gentler bands, clips and ornaments that are comfortable on the head yet hold your tresses.

Protect Your Hair From The Elements

Direct exposure to sunlight, harsh winds, chlorine water in swimming pools and acidic rain in addition to dirt and pollution in the your environment causes hair breakage and prevents the growth of healthy hair. Your hair is weakened by the continual action of these elements and becomes dry and lifeless, leading to damage.

head wear

Wear a hat or scarf when out walking in the sun or in public transport vehicles, wear a comfortable cap while swimming to prevent chlorine and other chemicals from damaging your hair and protect yourself from harsh winds and pollution with mufflers, scarves, caps, hats and veils.


Moisturizing your hair is important for healthy, lustrous hair. Try using a leave-in conditioner made of natural ingredients or massaging a few drops of non-sticky hair oil into your tresses to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Well-moisturized hair is less prone to breakage.

Add Eggs

Egg works as an excellent moisturizer and has always been a remedy to treat hair break since olden times. Egg is a rich source of protein, essential to repair hair damage and lecithin, which strengthens your hair and improves the volume, texture and shine for healthy and happy hair. Add eggs to your hair care routine by mixing three eggs with two tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil and one tablespoon of honey. Massage into damp hair. After about thirty minutes, wash and rinse your hair with a mild natural shampoo in lukewarm water for shining, strong, lustrous, healthy locks!

Eat Smart

The best treatment for hair breakage is from within. Avoid junk food, alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy snacking while sticking to protein and mineral rich diets for healthy hair. If you are healthy, this will reflect in your hair. Poor health leads to dull, dry, lifeless and limp hair, excessive hair fall and breakage.

Eat Fruits

Make fruits and vegetables a part of your diet, drink sufficient quantities of water and eat smart for those lovely locks you always wanted!

With these hair care techniques you will never have a bad hair day due to damage and breakage leading to dull, lifeless locks. Flaunt your tresses in any social occasion and be the center of attention!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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