6 Cooling Home Remedies For Sweating

None of us are in fact spared from sweating. It is a natural reflex of the body to get cooled when it gets overheated. While most of us sweat, some of us sweat excessively which can lead to body odour and the resultant accusations and tags that come with it may not be all that pleasant.

6 home remedies for sweating

Sweating profusely could be a problem that has been transferred to you by your forefathers as heredity plays a major role here. Certain diseases too can lead to excessive sweating. While sweating that is triggered by a diseases require medical intervention, other forms of sweating can be treated at home with home remedies. How? Read on.


Eating two tomatoes a day or drinking tomato juice every day is known to reduce excessive sweating. The antioxidants present in tomatoes help in regulating the function of sweat glands in the body. For excessive sweating, take three glasses of fresh tomato juice every day. After a month, you will feel the effects. Now slowly reduce the intake from three glasses to two glasses in the next month and to one glass and so on. By now the sweating will be well under control.



Tannin is a compound that is present in tea. Tannin is very beneficial in controlling sweating and can be used for treating this condition. Take tea leaves and boil all with adequate water.

Fill a bucket with the water and allow it to cool. Soak both your hands and legs in it for half an hour every day. The tannin in the tea leaves will help in cooling the body and prevent excessive sweat from forming.



Rubbing a slice of potato on areas like the armpit, neck and legs can prevent sweating. Though the remedy is very popular all over the world, no one is quite sure as to what causes the perspiration from stopping. However, since it is s harmless remedy, it’s worth a try. Rub potatoes whenever you feel that you are breaking out into a sweat.


Wheat Grass

Wheat grass has high concentrations of vitamin B which is essential for healthy nerves. The amount of vitamin B in your body has an effect on sweat glands as well. Take a glass of wheatgrass every day for treating excessive instances of sweating. This will reduce your sweating problem and prevent embarrassment.

wheatgrass juice


Vinegar helps in blocking the pores through which the sweat travels out of the skin. Works almost like an antiperspirant, but a natural one at that. Take a soft cloth and dip in vinegar.


Smear this on areas that sweat excessively like the armpits, neck, back of your legs and between your thighs. Allow it to dry on your skin for it to start exerting its action. Both white as well as apple cider vinegar can be used for this purpose.



Sage contains magnesium and vitamin B which controls the action of the sweat glands. Brew a tea from sage leaves by adding a cup of water and boiling it in low flame for 10 minutes. Cool and drink it twice a day for about a week. This will prevent your excessive sweating.



Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.