How To Reduce Sebum Production Naturally


Increased sebum production is one of the skin disorders seen commonly in the younger generation. Sebum can be defined as the oily layer produced by the sebaceous gland both in men as well as women. The sebum production increases by the time of puberty and may decrease gradually with increase of age.

Sebum appears like a protective coat of oil which helps in preventing various bacterial infections and also helps in keeping our skin hydrated. A normal production of sebum can be helpful in keeping us youthful, but its increased production can tarnish our beauty. The increased production commonly results in pimples or acne.

Natural Cures To Reduce Sebum Production

Using a mild disinfectant to wash your face, hands and other parts of body is proved to be useful in reducing the sebum production. Keeping your skin dried can be helpful in preventing the problem of amplified sebum production. For better results of the cure, you can use a cleanser that is intended for oily skin. Rinse the affected areas of your skin three to four times every day.

Using an exfoliant can also be regarded as an effective method to remove the excess sebum or oil produced from the surface of our skin. Rubbing the affected parts of your skin using your fingers can be beneficial in reducing the sebum production. After massaging for a few minutes, wash your face using a cleanser to remove all the oil produced while rubbing over the skin.

Applying a clay cover over your face can be beneficial in controlling the sebum production. This can be done once or twice in a week for the better results of the treatment.

Consuming Vitamin A rich food items in abundance can be regarded as a helpful method to reduce the problem of increased sebum production. Liver, mangoes, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. are proved to be rich in Vitamin A which can be included in the daily diet of the patient in plenty.

Turmeric is proved to be useful in reducing the sebum production to a normal level. Milk thistle seeds are also found to be useful in controlling the sebum production. Ginger and dandelion are other two important herbs found to be valuable in curing the problem of increased oil production. These herbs can be consumed in order to heal the problem. Consuming these herbs is proved to be beneficial in regularizing the hormone levels that controls the intensity of sebum production.

Raspberry leaves, bayberry roots, leaves of witch hazel etc. are proved to be useful for external application in the case of increased sebum production. Flowers of calendula, chamomile, yarrow etc. are also proved to be advantageous in the treatment for increased sebum production. Massaging your skin with small quantities of essential oils like jojoba oil, cedar wood oil etc. can be useful in reducing the problem.

Consuming sulphur rich food items are proved to be beneficial in the treatment for the problem of increased sebum production. Fish, vegetables especially, green leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts etc. are proved to be rich in sulphur and other essential nutrients. Oily food items should be restricted as it can worsen the case.

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