5 Natural Cures To Alleviate Knee Pain

Pain in the knee is a common condition faced by many people. Knee pain can be very difficult to live with and the condition makes every single movement extremely painful. Knee pain can be due to a variety of reasons like joint degeneration, injury to the knee, damage to the knee cap, obesity etc.

Alleviate Knee Pain

These are few of the most common reasons that can cause a knee pain. Most people with severe knee pain resort to knee replacement surgeries which are not just painful but also come with a long recovery time. They are also not permanent. Most of them do not know that knee pain can be set right with a few good practices at home. What are the natural methods that can be adopted?


While you have pain in the knees, many people walk around or move their knees in the hope that moving will ease the pain. While it does help in few cases of knee pain, in most cases, especially in the wake of an injury, this will do the opposite effect. Knees need to be given rest from movement as well as pressure.

Rest your knees by easing the weight of your body. Elevate it so that the blood circulation remains intact and swelling is eased. An injured knee would require more rest than just an inflamed knee which would be alright with a few hours of rest.

Take Enough Rest

Ice Pack

Keeping an ice pack helps in relieving the pain and also the swelling of the knee. For a knee that is injured, ice pack can be applied for about 15 minutes every hour to reduce the swelling. On the subsequent days, ice pack can be applied 3-4 times a day. Wrap the ice in a towel and press gently on the injured knee to ease the swelling and pain.

Ice Pack


Application of gentle pressure on an injured knee will help in removing swelling from the knee and thereby the pain as well. For this, you may use a bandage or an elastic sleeve. However, care must be taken not to compress too much as this can aggravate the swelling and increase the pain around the knee.

Knee Pain compress


Knee pain can be reduced considerably by keeping the knees elevated, in such a height that it must be at a higher level than your heart. This will improve the blood circulation in the knees and prevent pooling of blood in the knees which causes the swelling and pain. While resting your knee, make sure that you prop up some pillows so that the knees can be placed high up while you lie down.

Feet Elevation

Prevent Weight Gain

For those people who suffer from knee pain, keeping the weight under control becomes a necessity to keep the knees from getting damaged further and also to ease the severe pain and swelling.

In fact, most people who suffer from knee pain are overweight which is the main cause of the condition, apart from injuries and old age. Therefore, it is very essential to check your weight and keep it well under control to remain painless and sane.

Weight Loss

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