6 Awesome Benefits Of Raw Honey

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Raw honey may not sound as appealing when you hear it pronounced out loud. However, it does have certain benefits which people can derive from it. Raw honey is honey which has been pasteurized, processed or heated in any form or way. It contains a number of vitamins and powerful antioxidants that act as vital nutrients for the body. Therefore, the next time you cringe when someone mentions raw honey, you might want to think again.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Benefits Which Raw Honey Can Provide To Individuals Who Are Brave Enough To Give It A Shot:


Raw honey contains various anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that are useful to the human body. It helps in the promotion of body and digestive health while also being a potent antioxidant that helps strengthen the immune system while eliminating allergies. It also acts as a perfect remedy for skin wounds and various other infections. It also has the ability to lower blood pressure, balance sugar levels, provide pain relief, calm nerves, and also treat ulcers. Raw honey also has the elements that can help treat respiratory ailments like bronchitis and asthma.

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Raw honey that is made available at stores is also powerful enough to treat various seasonal allergies. In fact, it is a common fact that local honey can be used to treat allergies because there is a greater likelihood that it contains certain amounts of a specific kind of pollen that individuals might be allergic to.


Antimicrobial Remedy

According to research conducted recently by a group of scientists, raw honey when applied to infected wounds can reduce inflammation and swelling while also reducing the time which it takes to heal from bacterial infection. Therefore, raw honey contains certain properties that are at par with antibiotics. Raw honey also contains certain properties which help to heal infective conjunctivitis which causes an infection to the eye. It helps in the reduction of healing time for the infection while also decreasing swelling and the discharge of pus.



Researchers have also pointed out the fact that raw honey can be used effectively to treat burns. When raw honey is applied to burns on the body, it helps reduce air contact, while at the same time relieving pain and to a certain extent infection. In fact, there are other researchers who are in agreement with this assessment as they also feel that raw honey can be used to treat small, non-serious burns that maybe even some antibiotic ointments cannot. Research has also shown that honey can at times be used by diabetics; however, individuals that consider consuming honey should always consult a doctor before including it in their diet in order to maintain precaution.


Less Weight Gain

Are you hearing right? Honey can be used to reduce weight gain? Well, yes, you did. Research has shown that if you ever decide to replace sugar with honey in your diet, you may stand to benefit from preventing yourself from gaining weight. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels. It may also result in weight loss as compared to other diets which contain sugar or the dreaded HFCS.



Raw honey is also a perfect provider of energy in the form of liver glycogen, thereby making it perfect for an early morning energetic start as well as a pre- and post-exercise source of energy that will give you the required boost in the morning. Raw honey can also be used to boost the immune system, thereby helping prevent against a number of debilitating diseases that could affect an individual adversely.


You may now want to consider having a teaspoon of raw honey a day.

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