5 Types Of Sit-Ups And Their Benefits


5 Types Of Sit-Ups And Their Benefits

Who on this Earth wants a fat tummy? No one! Everyone desires a flat tummy or to be more specific flat tummy with killer abs.

Sit up which is also termed as curl-up is the most effective and traditional exercises to tighten and tone your abdominal muscles. Sit ups are appropriate for all levels which is the best part about sit ups. The American Council on Exercise shows that fancy workout gear does not have any advantage over simple sit ups.

Here Are 5 Types Of Sit Up Exercises That You Can Try:

1. Basic Sit Up:

Lie down on your back with your shoulder, neck, and head and relax. Warp your knees and then raise them keeping your feet grounded. Place your hands at your ears. The neck should be slightly tucked forward. Use abdominal strength to curve your upper body off the floor and position in a semi-seated manner. Inhale while lowering the back to the floor and exhale as you rise.

Benefits:You can exercise in your living room without visiting a gym. If you do not have any habit of doing exercises, then also you can think about sit ups.

Basic Sit Up

2. The Military Sit Ups:

Bend your legs at 90 degrees. Ask someone to hold your knees and feet. Your heel must touch the   ground. Keep your fingers behind your head. Raise your torso vertically. Keep your muscle contracted. Be in this position for two seconds. Lower your back to touch the ground. Exhale while trying to touch your knees with elbows and inhale while going back to the starting position.

Benefits: Sit-ups strengthen your core muscles. Stronger muscles help stabilize your body and help maintain better postures. Sit ups force you to work also on the connecting stabilizer muscles such as muscles of chest and legs. It works on spinal erector muscle.

3. Jackknife Sit Ups:

With legs on the floor, lie flat on your back. Extend your arm straight behind your head. Raise both hands and legs to touch each other. The body balance will be only on your bottoms. Return to the initial position while inhaling.

Benefits: It will boost your whole body using abdominal strength. A toned abdomen enhances digestion. Sit ups offer better strength and stability. Sit up is a full body exercise. It helps you to burn calories. Sit ups increase flexibility and range of motion. Your overall health improves when you are regular in your workouts.

4. Torso Twisting Sit Ups:

This exercise requires more balance. start with a seated position with your arms at your side for support. Bend your knees. Twist your torso slowly to one side. Bend and straighten your legs. Do it 3 to 4 times and switch sides.

Benefits: Your midsection becomes flexible as the exercise involves abdomen. Your posture gets better. When your body is flexible, you can go for other exercises at ease.

5. Oblique Sit Ups:

Lie down on your back with your shoulder, neck, and head. Lift your head and shoulder off the floor. Touch right knee with the left elbow. Hold for two seconds and come back to the start position. Repeat for the other side.

Benefits: You can start at any time. However, it is always recommended to talk to your doctor or an expert of this field before starting.

Hope you found the article helpful. Give it a try and I am sure it will put you in a great mood!


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