5 Best Chair Cardio Exercises To Burn Calories

Has anyone told you that you could work out by sitting on a chair? Will it not be exciting to do your daily cardio by sitting in a chair, right where you are without heading out to the gym? Yes, this is true… The chair cardio exercises help you in burning calories just by doing very simple basic exercises sitting in one place. You may do it at your work when you get some time in between or simply whenever you get some time any time during the day.

The best part about the chair cardio exercises is that when performed properly with guidance, you can work on all your muscles just by sitting in your favourite chair. Let us see how we can do it. We are listing down the five best chair cardio exercises which will not only tone your muscles but will also help you in burning calories; read through.

1. Chair Running Cardio Exercise:

There is no better version of cardio than a good sprint; the same can be done by sitting in one place without losing sweat and that can be done by the chair running cardio exercise. You need to sit in a chair with your back upright straight. Start the movement of running by bending your knee towards your chest and then quickly changing sides; the quicker the better. You need to complete the entire oval cycle with both your knees and do it as soon as you can as speed helps in burning calories.

Chair Running Cardio Exercise

2. The Basketball Passing Movement Workout:

The title sounds funny but yes this is a workout. What you need to do here is sit on a chair and assume you are passing a basketball, for doing that push both your hands and both your legs forward. Repeat the exercise 25 – 30 times in a way that you are continuously passing the ball.

There are many variations to this chair cardio exercise. You may through both your hands up in the air with synchronised knee movement such that you are bouncing the ball in air; you can also do the opposite of this by bouncing the ball (imaginary) on the ground with both your hands. The same bouncing movement can be repeated for your right side and left side. For every variation you can do about 25 – 30 repetitions; make sure your knees are always synchronised with the hand movement; this will ensure involvement of maximum muscles.

The Basketball Passing Movement Workout

3. Chair Jumping Jacks:

Chair cardio exercises are real fun to do exercises and one of them is the chair jumping jack exercise. You need to sit on the chair upright with your legs apart forming a V and your hands on the sides pointing towards the ground. Lift your hands and raise them in air and simultaneously pull your legs apart; this should be done in a manner that all your four limbs move simultaneously thus resembling a sitting jumping jack.

You can start by doing 30 repetitions and increase gradually by even doing double. The key to burn calories here is by increasing the speed by which you work out; since there is no weight or no resistance involved, all the effect or benefit of burning calories which you will get is due to speed. You could set up a timer and try finishing your fixed sets within a specific time limit.

Chair Jumping Jacks

4. Hinge And Cross Crunch:

Crunches help in toning the abdomen muscles thus helping in burning fat around the waist area. The hinge and cross crunch is a modification of the original crunch done to make it a chair cardio exercise. It works on the back and abs muscles as well as tones the lower body muscles.

For this exercise sit on a chair with your back touching the back of the chair, incline your back if needed. Put both the hands at the back of your head and your knees joint together; with a gentle push of hands bend your body and lean forward so as to touch your elbow to outside part of your left knee; repeat the same with your right knee as well. For best results repeat both the side crunches in repetitions of 20 times each.

Hinge And Cross Crunch

5. The Cross Switch Exercise:

The cross switch chair cardio exercise is a modification of the basic physical training exercise which is taught in schools. You need to sit on the chair with your knees and legs wide apart and making a 60-degree angle. Extend both your arms straight and out in the air and with maintaining alternate counts touch your hand to the opposite toe. Try and do 30 repetitions for each side for best results.

The Cross Switch Exercise

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