8 Best Callanetics Exercises You Can Try

8 Best Callanetics Exercises You Can Try

The inverted V exercise Callanetics is a relatively new form of exercise which came into existence in the 80’s. they are mainly designed for women with a purpose of strengthening and improving the muscle tone which the help of frequent repetition of muscle movements; especially the smaller ones. Callanetics mainly focuses on muscles with a stronghold belief that the main core muscles are supported by smaller deeper muscles, and these deeper muscles can be toned with the help of small precise movements. Callanetics works in the right places of the body giving a perception of weight loss and also helps in shaping up the body. Callanetics helps in improving the body posture, developing a flat toned tummy, it shapes up your butt; basically giving a definition to the entire body and also giving it the desired grace and elegant touch. It also imparts great relief against back pain. Now that we have hyped about callanetics.

Here Are 8 Best Callanetics Exercise Which You Can Try And Give A Shot:

1. The Foundation Exercise

This one is the best to start your callanetics routine with. Start by lying down flat on the ground and your feet placed apart, say 3 inches apart. Fold your knees so that they form an inverted V; pull your hands out and elbows up in the air such that you are leaning forward and doing a half crunch. This is a simple exercise and must be done in sets of 15, about 2 – 3 repetitions. Care must be taken to not over pull and over stretch the body.

The Foundation Exercise

2. Downward Dog

This exercise works mainly on your back, hamstrings, shoulder, legs and stomach core muscles. You need to first sit in a dog position and then slowly lift your body putting efforts from the inner core so as to form an inverted V- shape. This is also known as the downward dog position. Try and hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat it 10 – 15 times.

Downward Dog

3. The Bicycle Crunches

Crunches are the holy grail when it comes to abs and a defined toned tummy. The bicycle crunch is a modification of the original crunch exercise and it works on the inner core and stomach muscles. You need to lie on the floor with knees folded; place your hands at the back of your head and then slowly raise your upper body and torso so as to touch one of your knee; do this exercise alternatively with each knee. It is best to do sets of 3 with 15 repetitions in each set. It is best to hold the position for 5-6 seconds.

The Bicycle Crunches

4. Hold A Plank

Planks work on multiple muscles and are best for legs and stomach core. The right way to hold a plank is to first get on your knees and hands; then slowly straighten one leg and then the other while lifting your knees up. Your back must look like a straight line and the body must be straight line formed starting from the heels and ending at the head. It’s best to hold a plank for one minute however you can gradually get there by starting from 30 seconds.

5. Side Planks

Side planks are a modification of the above mentioned plank. In this you need to hold the plank side wise; alternating both the sides. This develops the side waist muscles especially working by reducing your love handles. For a side plank you need to lie down on the floor side wise and then gradually lift the body up forming a slanted line from your hands and legs. Repeat the side plank for both sides.

Side Planks

6. The Inner Thigh Ball Exercise

For this callanetic exercise you need to use a ball; it works by strengthening your inner thigh and helps in making the thighs slender and toned. Lie down flat on the ground; then lift both your knees up such that your lower legs are parallel with the ground. Hold the ball between the lower legs and push the arches of the feet into the ball. You need to hold this position for 20 seconds with 3 repetitions for best results.

The Inner Thigh Ball Exercise

7. Inclined Push Ups

As the name suggests this exercise is a modification of the classic push ups; you need to stand inclined on a height such that your body is supported by your palms and the feet forming a slant. Once in this position start the push ups; 15 repetitions and 2 sets.

Inclined Push Ups

8. Standing Side Bends

A very simple yet effective callanetic exercise is side bends. Stand straight with your feet apart. Place your hands on the sides and then pull one hand above and bend sideways tilting as much as you can comfortably. Repeat this with the other side as well.

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