5 Simple Natural Cures For Bed Sores

Bed SoresBed sores are also known as pressure sores and are caused by the continuous pressure exerted on the skin usually in the areas such as hips, cartilage structure or a prominent bone. Bed sores are commonly found in elderly people or people who are bed ridden. The continuous pressure over one area cuts the supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen to that part of the skin. The very first sign of bed sore is skin reddening, hardening of tissue or swelling in the affected area.

If the continuous pressure is not removed, the skin develops ulcers and infection may take place. Sometimes excessive exposure of a particular skin area to moisture, urine or sweat can worsen the situation. Here are some natural cures to control bed sores:

Natural Cures For Bed Sores

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory property and hence it is important for maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin C is required for the growth and repair of skin. Vitamin C has one antioxidant which is known to prevent the damage caused by free radicals, which results in ageing of skin.

Green leafy vegetables

Vitamin C rich food such as citrus fruits like grapes and oranges, other fruits like mango, papaya, watermelon and berries and green leafy vegetables should be consumed on a daily basis.


Zinc is required for the proper functioning of the immune system of the body. Zinc plays a major role in cell growth, cell-division and catabolism of carbohydrates and aids in wound healing.

The human body needs zinc for proper growth and development. Zinc also helps in reducing early ageing of the skin. 15 milligrams of zinc should be taken thrice in a day. Zinc is found in legumes, whole grains, chicken and meat.


Since many years aloe-vera is known for healing many kinds of skin ailments. Aloe-vera is rich in vitamins and minerals and also contains amino-acids like linoleic, caprylic and palmitic. It also contains fatty acids and sterols which plays an effective role in reducing allergies and quick healing of wounds. Aloe vera boosts the immune system of the body.


Its juice contains polysaccharides which stimulates white blood cells of the human immune system, which fight against the pathogens. You can apply the gel of an aloe leaf on the affected area or also use aloe lotion which is available in the market.


Hygiene is of paramount importance to diseases related to infections. In the case of bed sores, this becomes all the more important. A person suffering from bed sores should wash the infected area along with the entire body at least once every day.

In case the washing is not possible, then clean the area using a wet sponge or a wet towel as this will be helpful in preventing spreading of the infection.


It is a plant grown in the natives of south eastern Canada and north eastern part of the USA. It is an herb rich in Vitamin E that is used in many lotions and medicines that are used for curing skin diseases.


To cure the bed sores, the leaves of this plant should be ground to prepare a paste. Alternatively dry them and prepare a powder. Mix the paste or the powder in coconut oil and apply on the infected area.

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