5 Easy Natural Cures For Conjunctivitis

ConjunctivitisConjunctivitis is also known as the pink eye and it is an inflammatory condition of the sclera or white portion of the eye usually caused by certain bacteria. Although, conjunctivitis is not dangerous, it can easily spread to other people by means of air or personal contact. The patient usually suffers from symptoms such as red and watery eyes, unusual itching in the eyes, inability to wear contact lens and constant feeling of heat in the eyes. There is no specific cure for the treatment of conjunctivitis but you can just control the symptoms and the condition will take care of itself.

Conjunctivitis is not a dangerous condition and heals within a few days if you take proper care of yourself. You don’t need medications for it because you can rely upon natural cures for the same which are both effective and harmless. Here are some easy natural cures to treat conjunctivitis:

Natural Cures For Conjunctivitis

Cold Compress

In most people, there is a constant itchy and burning sensation in the eyes and you can control that with the help of a cold bandage. You could wet a cotton ball in some ice cold water and place it over your eyes for a few minutes until it warms up.

Cold compress

You can repeat the procedure any number of times a day. You could also place a cucumber slice over your eye lids because it is cooling as well as relaxing in nature.

Avoid Contact Lens

When you wear contact lens, the oxygen supply to your eyes becomes half of the usual. This is because the contact lens take up that much oxygen to maintain their molecular integrity. Avoid wearing contact lens until you are healed completely. Wear glasses on daily basis.

Sometimes contacts might also cause irritation due to conjunctivitis so it is better if you keep away for certain duration until all your symptoms disappear.

Wash The Eyes Regularly

Conjunctivitis is mainly caused due to bacterial invasion so in the healing stages there are chances that the destroyed bacteria might leave out some of their residue products inside your eyes. Make sure you wash your eyes with cold water every few hours.

Wash Your Eyes

This could help control the itching and the burning of the eyes as well. Washing away the impurities also soothes your eyes up to a certain extent and makes you feel fresh.

Avoid Straining Your Eyes

During conjunctivitis, the eyes become tired and red so it is better if you just give them some rest. Avoid watching television or reading for long periods of time or avoid staring at the computer screen.

Get enough sleep to boost your energy as well as immunity so that you can get better faster. Keep some cold cotton over your eyes if you feel your eyes are feeling fatigued.

Don’t Share Wipes

If you are using tissues or cotton wipes to clean your eyes, make sure you don’t use the same ones for both eyes. Even though both your eyes are affected, the healing stages will be different. Using the same wipes might infect the other eye as well.

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