5 Home Remedies For Pericarditis

Remedies For Pericarditis

Development of a thin membrane over the heart which makes the part inflamed is known as Pericarditis. It is not considered to be a harmful disease and cures by itself. However, it is still required to take proactive steps to cure it completely to ensure that it does not develop again. In many cases, the main cause of this disease is trauma, viral, bacterial or fungal infection and even extensive exposure to radiations.


As the part of the heart becomes inflamed in this disease, the person suffering may report chronic chest pain, shortness of breath and increase in pain while lying down or swallowing food. These symptoms occur due to the fact that the inflamed part rubs through the muscles causing irritation and intense pain in chest. Here are some home remedies to cure pericarditis:

Home Remedies For Pericarditis

Change In Eating Habits

As the infection is directly related to heart, there is lot of care to be taken in the eating habits of the person suffering from the same. You should avoid high cholesterol diet which can cause to worsen the condition.

Change In Eating Habits

So egg yolk, vegetable oil, stale or junk food, spicy food items and red meat should be avoided, as it may lead to further impact on heart. Have a high fibre diet, which consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Restrict Alcohol

Alcohol is one such drink which can react with the medication taken by the person suffering and may result in much severe condition. Alcohol loosens up or relaxes the muscles which may slow down the process of curing the disease. Therefore, it is desirable to stop drinking till the disease is cured.

Restrict Alcohol

If this is not possible, the patient should restrict the intake of alcohol as much as possible. The loss of rhythm and relaxed muscles may also result in severe damage to heart and surrounding areas.

Reduce Stress

When you are stressed, the heart will be required to pump more blood which should not be the case. Whenever a person suffers from any sort of heart problem, normal pumping and functioning of blood is very important.

Reduce Stress

In case of pericarditis, the tissue cells on the heart cures the disease itself only if the rest of the heart is functioning properly. This can be made possible if stress level is reduced or eliminated. Practice deep breathing exercises and yoga on a daily basis to reduce stress levels.

Restrict Salt

Be it breakfast or any other snack in between the meals, quantity of salt should be minimal. The reason for this is – over eating of salt skews the blood vessels and allows very less blood to flow through the body leading to a high blood pressure.

Restrict Salt

To control this heart tries to pump more blood and the entire energy that was required to cure the disease is lost in additional pumping. This will delay the healing process.

Build Immunity

You must take steps to build immunity levels, as this helps in the overall well being of the patient. Foods rich in Vitamins C, A and E, magnesium and Coenzyme Q10 should be taken.

Improves Immunity

Alternately you can take supplements as well, after consulting with your doctor. Herbal tea is a good way to build immunity. Drink 2 to 4 glasses of herbal tea everyday, unless your doctor has advised you not to do so.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.