5 Best Natural Cures For Hand Numbness

Hand Numbness

Hand numbness is a common problem that a lot of people complain about. Herein, a person experiences a tingling sensation in the hands. The numbness is usually quite discomforting and something that needs immediate attention to ensure that it does not hamper the day to day activities. It is one problem that occurs most commonly in people who are in their old age.

Though there is no complete treatment for the crisis, there are still cures that can help you manage them perfectly. The below mentioned natural cures can be used for the benefit of getting good results where relief from hand numbness is concerned. Check them out and use them daily to get the right outcomes on the numbness and live a much better life.

5 Natural Cures For Hand Numbness

Ice Therapy

One of the best and the most effective ways to treat the numbness of the hand is to compress an ice bag on it. This should be done for 15-20 minutes several times a day which will relax the muscles as well as improve the blood circulation. An ice bag can be prepared by putting ice in a plastic bag. This is one of the top notch ideas to get wonderful results.

Ice Therapy


Getting a massage using good oil like olive or almond is also a natural treatment for hand numbness. This should be done gently but firmly. It is always a better idea to look into the option of a professional masseur who knows exactly what points to pressurize. A hand massage of about 20 minutes each day will give instant relief from the numbness and gradually help in management of the crisis.


Herbs Benefits

There are certain herbs that help in enhancing the blood circulation and thus manage the numbness in the hands in a perfect manner. These herbs will help in reducing the discomfort and symptoms of hand numbness.

St John’s Wort

The dose will be consulted by an herbalist but the herbs that can be considered include St John’s Wort, Siberian ginseng, gingko biloba and ginger root. Adhering to them regularly will give visible outcomes.


Stretching exercises and hand exercises if done on a routine basis is definitely one of the natural cures that can be used for the treatment and management of hand numbness. A professional trainer can help you in knowing the best hand exercises for helping with hand numbness. This should be followed in sets as required to get visible and desired outcomes.


Homeopathy Wonders

Homeopathic supplements are one of the most natural categories of treatments that have solutions for almost all ailments known to mankind. For hand numbness, you can adhere to homeopathic supplements like ferrum phosphoricum and kalium phosphate.

Ferrum phosphoricum

The dose will be recommended by a homeopathic specialist depending upon the severity of your condition. Magnesium phosphate is another of the good and effective options here that can be considered. These are some of the best things that can be done in a situation where hand numbness is taking a toll on your life. Follow it well to get the benefits.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.