Effective Remedies For Bed Sores

bed sores remediesBed Sores are also known as skin ulcers, pressure sores and decubitus. They mostly occur among people who are confined to bed or wheel chair for prolong period of time, and are unable to change their position frequently. People suffering from diabetes fall prey to bed sores easily and it takes them longer to heal.

Bed sores are caused by continuous pressure on a particular spot in the body like buttocks, spine or tail bone. Initially, a bed sore looks like a red spot which may swell or harden. If the pressure is not relieved from the area by changing the position of the patient, the pressure sore gets infected and may develop a tear and take the form of an open wound.

Bed Sore Remedies

Prevention is better than treatment. You should be extra cautious and watchful while taking care of a bed ridden patient. Any change in skin colour or hardening of skin tissues around pressure points like the back, the hip area, ankles and shoulders should not be ignored.

Cleaning and Dressing Bed Sores

A closed bed sore can be treated with a lubricant like an antiseptic ointment, gel, cream or herbal oil that is prescribed by the doctor. Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the medicine.

Clean the affected area with an antiseptic solution or warm saline water. Then lightly apply the ointment on the spot. Cover the bed sore with a cotton gauge for protection. Change the dressing every day for faster healing.

An open wound should be treated by a professional practitioner. A proper dressing will prevent the infection from spreading to other areas and it will expedite the healing process.

Help the patient to change her/his side often to relieve pressure from the pressure points. To relieve the pressure from bony areas you may use water or an air mattress for the patient. These products are readily available in the market and are a boon for patients suffering from bed sores.

Exercise to Treat Bed Sores

Exercising for an immobile patient can be a challenging task, but you can help the patient to do it. Breathing exercises and gentle massaging of different parts of the body helps to stimulate blood circulation. It can prevent bed sores and also fasten the healing of existing bed sore.

Healing Bed Sores with Diet

Vitamin C greatly helps to heal bed sores and boosts immunity. The patient should be given a diet consisting of Vitamin C such as fresh fruits like orange, pineapple, fresh amla, grape fruit, pomegranate etc. These can be given in form of juice. Fresh fruit juice assimilate in the blood faster, hence it fasten the healing process of bed sores.

A Protein rich diet is also recommended for bed sore patients. Proteins help to build muscles and give strength to the body. Proteins can be given in form of skimmed milk, cottage cheese, eggs and legumes to the patient. Legumes should be slightly overcooked to make them easily digestible for elderly patients. The patient should be given enough water to keep her/him well hydrated. Dehydration can make the skin lose its elasticity and can cause bed sores.

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