How To Treat Gout With Chinese Medicine

Gout is a form of arthritis caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. Usually uric acid is eliminated from the body through gut as well as kidney, but in some people, excess uric acid gets crystalized and get deposited in the joints resulting in gout. Gout mostly affects middle aged men and in case of women, the incidence is more during the post-menopausal period. Gout attack occurs mostly at nights with an excruciating pain followed by inflammation around the affected joint.


Normally gout attacks one joint at a time but occasionally, two joints which are at close proximity may also get affected. Normally gout symptoms appear on the lower extremities of the body and they will last for a few hours to some days.Gout is associated with the excessive consumption of purine rich foods like liver, sardines, ancovies, beef kidneys, scallops, protein rich foods, alcohol and red meat. This is because all these foods increase the production of uric acid in the body. Treatment of gout involves the symptomatic treatment for acute attacks, lowering the uric acid level in the blood and prevention of future accumulation of uric acid. Certain Chinese herbs can treat gout as effectively as that of western medicine.

Chinese Medicines for Gout Treatment

Meadow Saffron

Meadow saffron is a widely used Chinese herb against gout since age old days. The medical ingredient in this herb is colchicine, which plays a significant role in treating gout.  As Meadow saffron is strong enough to cause side effects, a diluted version of this herb is used for treating gout.

Normally 0.5 to 0.6 mg of this herb is used as gout remedy, but the drug should be taken only with the consent of a doctor. If you notice any side effects such as diarrhea, pain, weakness, vomiting etc. discontinue the administration of the medicine. If there are no complications, after the tenth dose, you can expect improvements in the disease and you can stop the medication once the symptoms subside.

Meadow Saffron

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Si Miao Wan

Si miao wan is a traditional Chinese herbal remedy for gout. It is also called Four-Marvel Pill and the formula consist of licorice, achyranthes, atractylodes, alisma, phellodendron, polygoni cuspidate, coicis, anemarrhena, lonicetra stem, melia and hoelen spirit.

Si miao wan

Gout Chi

Gout chi, a natural Chinese herbal preparation helps to relieve the pain, inflammation, swelling and heat around the gout affected joints. This herbal medication is highly beneficial for even preventing the future gout attacks.

Once you are diagnosed with gout, better discontinue the intake of purine rich foods, red meat, sea food, protein rich foods and alcohol. Instead include more cherries, blueberries, blackberries and purple grapes in your diet, as it helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with gout. Also include more water and juices to your diet to boost the elimination of uric acid from the body.

Gout chi

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