Home Remedies To Treat Bed Sores

home remedies for bed soresDebilitating conditions are hard to live with. When one is bedridden, there are other difficulties too that crop up due to continuous lying or sitting positions. Bed sores are common conditions faced by people who are bedridden.

It is only when they are neglected that they cause serious problems that can sometimes be unfortunate enough to cost the life.

There are many home remedies that can be employed to treat the condition of bed sores effectively. Home remedies help in healing the sores fast without any infection and also helps in preventing the appearance of more sores.

Dressing And Cleaning

Bed sores need to be cleaned and dressed properly to prevent dust and grime from entering the wound and also from preventing infections from surfacing. For wounds that are open, you can use a saline solution for cleaning and removing the dead cells. For sores that are not open, a good antibacterial soap and water is sufficient. The sores have to be cleaned at least three times a day to prevent bacterial build up.

There are many ways to dress the wound. Herbal pastes prepared from turmeric, myrrh, goldenseal, comfrey etc. can be used on the bed sores to make the healing process faster. Dressing the wound will prevent infections and also the spreading of infection to other areas. It is also a barrier to keep bacteria at bay. You can use medicated gauze, bandages and gel foams for the purpose.  The best method of dressing can be discussed with the doctor.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be applied on the open bed sores to keep the skin from forming scars and also to enhance the healing process.

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With its anti inflammatory and soothing action along with its nourishing and moisturising properties, the bed sores will soon dry and the skin will start getting its lost colour and glaze. Aloe gel can be applied as often as needed to keep the skin well maintained.

Calendula Powder

Using calendula powder on bed sores will help the sores heal fast and also to keep it free from moisture which is very essential to prevent infections and also bacterial action. After cleaning the open sores with saline water, you can sprinkle calendula powder over it to keep it away from moisture.

Honey And Beet Juice

Applications of a mixture of beet juice and honey can be done once a day for healing the sores fast. Mix two parts honey and one part beet juice. Add some flour along with this mixture and apply on the bed sores. This can be allowed to dry and wiped off later. Doing this every day will help the sores to heal completely.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be applied to prevent bed sores from appearing when you are bedridden. Start massaging the skin with vitamin E every day for a few minutes. The vitamin E will protect the skin from infections and the massaging action will keep the blood circulation going.  Vitamin E application can be done twice a day for best results.

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