5 Golden Dieting Tips For Weight Loss

weight lossMost of us know that dieting is the prime solution to shedding those extra pounds of adipose off ourselves. However, dieting is interpreted as synonymous to starving, and many people fall prey to malnutrition and hazardous health conditions by starving. Dieting is, essentially, planning your food consumption in such a way that your body gets adequate amounts of all the nutrients that it requires for survival and optimum functioning of the life processes, while it tries to shed off its extra fat deposits

In general, while trying to lose weight, you should have foods that are rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. You should have low-calorie foods and curtail foods high in unhealthy fats and simple carbohydrates as these lead to the accumulation of excessive and unused adipose tissue in your body thereby increasing your body weight. Dieting alone does not help in healthy weight loss. It should be accompanied by physical exercise.

Tips for Dieting for Weight Loss

Drink Plenty of Water

There are plenty of reasons to drink water when you are on a weight loss diet. Firstly, when on a weight loss regime, you may have to drink a lot of water to compensate for the water loss that you will undergo to reduce weight so that your body remains hydrated.

Drink plenty of water

Adequate quantity of water is required for efficient working of the fat- loss metabolic processes and to flush out the toxins generated during this process.  Water is also required for enhancing the actions of dietary fiber in the body.  Water also satiates excessive hunger.

Eat Small And Frequent Meals

Eating small and frequent meals allows you to consume fewer calories than you can burn, thereby enabling you to lose weight. Eating a large meal, at a time, makes you consume greater calories than you can burn, leading to fat deposit in your body. Small meals also lead to better satiety, thereby , preventing your inclination to eat excessively.

Fruits And Vegetables

Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. These foods will not only satiate excess hunger but can be used for replacing highly fattening foods. Fruits can be used to replace fattening desserts.

Fruits And Vegetables

They also add dietary fiber, which is one of the important contributors to fat-loss in your body.  Soluble dietary fibers aid in lipid digestion, whereas insoluble dietary fibers prevent the absorption of sugars and starches in the intestine.  These two factors contribute to prevention of excess weight gain.

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Increase Protein Intake


Increasing your protein intake will lead to better satiety and improved fat burning. It will also lead to better building of muscle mass. High-protein foods such as yogurt, milk, beans, nuts and cheese should be included in your diet.

Avoid Night-Time Snacks

Night time snacking can make you put on a lot of calories, especially if they are desserts, as your body does not get to burn those calories that you gain from these foods while you are sleeping.  However, you can always snack on low-calorie alternatives to the high-calorie ones.  For example, snacking on low calorie yogurt is a good midnight snacking choice.

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