Diet Remedies For Weight Loss

Weight LossOne of the most obvious impressions that form in the minds of most of us on seeing an obese person is, “This person must be eating tons of obesity-inducing foods!” Of course, the connection between what you eat and your body weight is an ancient one, and has been established medically as one of the most important causes of excessive weight gain. Foods high in simple carbohydrates and fats have been found to increase the body weight of a person who does not have enough physical activity to burn the calories that he/she gains from these foods.

Foods made of refined sugar, white breads, white rice and saturated fats provide high energy which the body converts to fat and stores. These foods can be avoided by persons who do not undergo enough physical activity, to burn them. Similarly, there are certain foods such as black beans, oats and avocados that promote weight loss. These foods are also excellent boosters of your overall health.

Top 5 Weight-Loss Foods

Black Beans

Black beans can be considered as a weight loss super food. These beans are high in fiber and low in calories. At the same time, they are a powerhouse of energy. They are good sources of protein and low in saturated fats.

black beans

These beans allow you to build your body without adding extra fat.  Black beans can be boiled and used to make delicious dishes such as black bean salad, baked beans, and black bean hummus.


Oats have become a rage with many weight loss patrons in recent times, and there is good reason for this! Oats contain nutrients that promote weight loss in a healthy and ‘delicious’ manner.


Oats contain Resistant Starch, a healthy carbohydrate that enables you to lose weight by improving your metabolism and burning the excess fat in your body. Oats make a favorite breakfast cereal that can be used for making delectable sweet or savory porridges and pancakes.

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Not all fat causes weight gain! The healthy fats present in Avocado actually promote weight loss. Avocadoes contain MUFAs (healthy monounsaturated fatty acids).


Oleic acid present in the MUFAs of avocadoes, help you to sustain satiety for long, so that you do not indulge in excessive eating throughout the day. Apart from these slimming-friendly fats, avocadoes are also packed with proteins and fiber that boost your body’s metabolism, which helps in losing weight.


Salmon is an excellent source of MUFAs and lean protein that promote weight loss.  These components help your body in sustaining satiety for long, enabling you to conquer frequent hunger pangs that compel you to indulge in excessive eating. Salmon can be poached, grilled, pan-fried, smoked, baked, braised or cooked in a number of other delicious ways.


Blueberries are an excellent source of dietary fiber that aid in better digestion and eventually your body’s metabolic quality. They are low in calories. However, they are very filling.


These characteristics of blueberries make them ideal inclusions of a weight loss diet, as they nourish your body well while sustaining your satiety for long, thereby preventing you from eating more than your body genuinely requires.

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