5 Easy Natural Cures For Nightfall

Young males who reach the age of puberty, and sometimes grown up males too occasionally see or experience erotic dreams while they sleep. They get aroused by these dreams and ejaculate; this is called Night fall or wet dreams. Occasional happening of wet dreams is fine, natural and can be termed as healthy too as it releases the urgent need for mating.

The problem arises if it occurs frequently. This condition then has to be given your attention. The causes of this vary from case to case. For some it may occur due to suppressed sexual desires, hormonal imbalance or sometimes over masturbating. If not controlled this could lead to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, low sperm count and insomnia. Here are some natural cures for nightfall:

Various Ways To Cure Nightfall

1. Bottle Gourd

There is a unique cooling effect in bottle gourd. It helps cool your system which is very necessary to control night fall. Bottle gourd can be used in two different ways. Mix the juice of bottle gourd with sesame oil and massage it well to your scalp. Let the oil be there for around 20 minutes. Have a good warm water bath after this. You can prepare half a glass of bottle gourd juice and have it before going to bed. It the perfect way to cure night falls.

Bottle Gourd

2. Gooseberry

Gooseberry is known for its healing properties. Having a glass of gooseberry juice or gooseberry powder mixed with water daily before going to bed will help you get rid of the night fall problem. The cooling effect of gooseberry contains the internal body heat. Apart from this gooseberry also helps in building the immunity in the body.


3. Garlic And Onion

Garlic and onion are known sources of healing many health conditions. Garlic can be consumed through food or by mixing it with herbal tea, but the best way to have garlic to cure night falls is by having it in the raw form directly.  Take 3-4 buds of garlic, cut it into fine pieces and have it with water before going to bed. Consuming onions either in the raw form, like in sandwich or salads or in any other form as a part of the daily diet is a good source to get rid of the problem of night fall.

Garlic And Onion

4. Milk

Combining milk with other ingredients helps eradicate this problem. Adding pre soaked almonds and ginger to a glass of hot milk and drinking this combination before bedtime helps get rid of this condition. The combination of banana and milk also works wonders. Eating a couple of bananas followed by a glass of hot milk every night helps to eradicate this problem. The cooling properties of the banana will help to control the problem of night fall and can also result in a healthy body. Another good thing to have at night before going to bed is having 2-3 cups of curds. The healing properties in curds not only cool the system, but also help to strengthen immunity.


5. Juices

Prepare the juice of celery leaves by crushing the leaves. Now take this mixture of celery leaves juice with honey in the ratio of 2:1. This mixture should be taken every night before going to bed for atleast a month. It is good for getting rid of the problem of night fall as well as premature ejaculation. The same can be done with the juice extracted from fenugreek leaves. Curing night fall is very easy and simple, as long as you recognize that the condition is not a healthy occurrence, but has become excessive such that it can harm the sexual life of the man.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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