10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Onions


How many times have you cried in the kitchen? In other words, how many times have you cried while chopping onions? Chances are, that onions may have made you cry at least on a couple of occasions. But wait, till you read the health benefits that this miracle vegetable is loaded with and it will definitely bring a pleasant smile to your face.

Here Are A Few Health Benefits Of Onions That You Should Know About

Onions Reduce Levels Of Bad Cholesterol

Onions are rich in Chromium, Vitamins and sulfur compounds. It has been proven scientifically now that these components decrease cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Subsequently, it leads to lower the risk of heart diseases and stroke .


Onions Help Significantly To Lose Weight

Onions are foods that are low in GI. The main characteristic of low GI food being their ability to release energy in the body quite gradually after consumption. They make you feel full for longer periods of time and hence reduce the possibility of your binge eating. Hence, they are very important dietary inclusion for those seeking to lower their weight within their given calorie intake.

Helps To Lose Weight

They Enhance Skin Health

Onions have properties that are conducive for you to have wonderful skin. There are a variety of skin issues, such as acne,warts that can be treated by application of juice extracted from onions. Onion juice, when applied to your scalp, is even said to be beneficial for your hair re-growth

skin healthy

Onions Improve Your Immunity

Onions are loaded with anti-oxidants that are instrumental in keeping at bay minor illnesses such as common cold to major ones such as Cancer. Onions are also rich in Vitamin C that help boost your immunity.

Improves Immunity

Onions Aid In The Process Of Digestion

Onions are highly beneficial for your digestive system. Onions in addition to making your food tastier, also help increase your appetite,digest your food, and stands guard for stomach cancer and gastric ulcers. It also helps combat colon cancer.

Aids Digestion

Onions Improve Sleep Quality

Do you have trouble sleeping peacefully at night? Your kitchen may have an answer, Onions are said to induce sound sleep for you,thanks to the phytochemicals that they possess. You just need to slip in onions in your evening meal. There are a variety of options available to you for that. You can stir up an onion-cucumber-tomato salad, or you can have a steaming bowl of onion soup.


Onions Have Anti Ageing Effects

As if the enormous health benefits that onions have, was not all, Onions are said to have constituents that bring about plenty of anti-ageing benefits. The vitamins A,C,E in addition to having anti-oxidant properties, also fight against the damage that the harmful UV rays inflict on your skin. They also prevent damage that results in pre-mature ageing of our skin.


They Enhance Your Skin Quality

Onions are loaded with quecertin, which is a key ingredient with powerful anti-oxidant properties, it helps keep your skin wrinkle-free. Vitamin and sulfur help you keep your skin soft and supple. All you need to do is to massage your skin with fresh onion juice and voila! Your youthful and radiant skin is ready to surprise you.


Onions Can Work Against Certain Kinds Of Cancer

One of the most important health benefits of consuming onions is that they work against certain types of cancers. Some of these include neck cancer, head cancer and and colon cancer. A regular dose of onions can therefore act as anti-cancerous in cases of these types of cancers.


Onions Can Improve Memory

Since onions are so good for your sleep cycles, they are undoubtedly associated with improved memory and better retention of things and events. Regular consumption of onions can help in remembering things more clearly after a certain time period, which eventually rejuvenates your memory.


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