10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas


A flea is a parasite that lives upon the blood of animals and humans. Fleas can increase their colonies quite rapidly, if there is a pet in your house. Usually, you cannot find the colonies of these invaders, but soon you can see the infection caused by these parasites. The fleas suck blood of animals, and humans and thus they can give you many health problems like allergies, irritation and scabs. It is advised to find and exterminate these pests as soon as possible because they can be a big problem for you, kids and your pets.

There Are Some Home Remedies That Can Prevent Attacks Of Fleas

Dish-Washing Liquid

Finding the fleas and exterminating them can be a tricky task because their colonies are quite hard to find. The Dish-washing liquid trap is probably the best way of finding and killing fleas because these pests get trapped easily in this trap. Mix some dishwashing liquid in warm water and pour this liquid in some plates. Now place those pates in each of your rooms and burn candles in the center of every plate. Light attracts fleas and when they try to come closer, they get trapped in dishwashing liquid of plates.

dish wash

Baking Soda And Salt

It is not possible to get rid of fleas and their eggs in just one day. This task may take some time, but you can do it quickly by applying baking soda and salt as a home remedy. Mix both of these ingredients in water and then sprinkle it on the floor and all the suspicious places in your home. It dehydrates the fleas and then kills them.


Herbal Flea Sprays

You may think to take support of pest control service to kill fleas in your house, but think it twice before it. Pest control service uses chemicals that may also create health issues. Go natural and try herbal flea spray. Mix 4 liter vinegar, 16 Oz lemon juice, and 8 Oz witch hazel in 2 liter water and then stir the solution. Now pour whole solution in a garden sprayer and then use this spray in your home. It can easily kill fleas and eggs and also prevents their growth.


Vacuum Cleaning

Do you clean your home through vacuum cleaner? If no, then try it. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean carpet, drawers, beds, crannies and curtains. This process is an easy but powerful way of exterminating fleas. Try it daily and you will get a secure place to live.


Salt Remedy

Salt is available in every home and it is quite harmful for fleas. It dehydrates their body and thus kills them. Take one cup salt and grind it to form thin powder. Now pour this salt into a spice bottle and then dredge salt powder on carpets. Leave it for 12 hours. Clean the salt powder by using vacuum cleaner and you have done.


Essential Oils

People have been using essential oils to kill fleas for a very long time. It is an effective way of repelling fleas and removing their colonies. Spray essential oil on carpets, bed sheets, bed, curtains and all possible places where fleas can reside. Leave it for 12 hours and fleas will get removed from your home.

essential oil

Boric Acid

It works same as salt remedy. It means, boric acid also dehydrates fleas and thus they die. By the way boric acid is not as safe as salt so be careful before using it. Remove all the things that your kids use and put them in sunlight. Now spread boric acid via a shaker and leave it for 12 hours. Fleas will die and you can clean them by vacuum cleaner.

Boric Acid

Borax Powder

Borax powder is a famous home remedy for fleas. It not only kills fleas, but also kills their larvae and eggs. You need a shaker to apply borax powder. First check the possible places, where fleas can reside and then dredge borax powder over there. Fleas will die within 12 hours, so clean, complete home after 12 hours to exterminate fleas and their colonies.


Pennyroyal Herb

This herb belongs to the mint family, but it is not consumable. It is quite dangerous for both humans and animals. Get some pennyroyal leaves and then crush them. Now fill small tea bags with crushed leaves of pennyroyal herb and then spread those tea bags on the floor and in the areas, where fleas may reside. Lock the areas for 12 hours and then remove tea bags and clean the space.


Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is formed from fossilized algae that dehydrates the fleas and exterminates them. It should be used carefully for the extermination because it may be harmful for you and your kids.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.