5 Simple Natural Cures For Cirrhosis

CirrhosisTo stay healthy, every organ needs to perform its assigned function. The liver not only plays a role in digestion, but it also regulates the circulatory system to a certain extent. Liver cirrhosis is a damaged condition of the liver in which the liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue and normal functions are hampered. Cirrhosis of the liver is mainly caused by excessive alcohol intake or genetic conditions and natural remedies can help control the progression of the condition.

Symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver usually show up only when the damage is extensive. Symptoms include fatigue, jaundice, fluid accumulation in the legs and abdomen, nosebleeds, itching, weight loss, pain and discomfort in the stomach region and redness in the palms. Natural remedies will decrease the load on your liver and facilitate it to purify blood and process nutrients in a better way.

Natural Cures For Liver Cirrhosis


Fruit and vegetable juices for example spinach, carrots and tomatoes are very healthy for the functioning of the liver. They contain antioxidants which help to detoxify the condition of the damaged liver.

Fruit Juices

They enhance the functioning of the liver enzymes so that the body’s systems aren’t disturbed. They will not completely cure the condition of the cirrhosis but they can surely limit the ailments so that the person’s condition doesn’t deteriorate.

Avoid Heavy Foods

Baked foods, high saturated fats and oils should be avoided during this condition. Alcoholic beverages should also be avoided in order to not load the liver.

These foods are known to make the liver work over time so it is better if you stay away from them until your condition improves. When the functioning of the liver is already disturbed, it is better to eat foods that will support the functioning rather than go against it.

Best Home Remedies For Cirrhosis
Top Herbal Remedies For Cirhossis

High Protein Diet

A high protein and low salt diet should be regularly practiced in cases of cirrhosis. Raw goat milk is very helpful to improve cirrhosis. Other foods that you can include are nuts, grains, seeds and sprouts. Raw cottage cheese made at home can also be good for a liver patient. Stick to natural foods like papaya juice, beet roots, and radishes.

Protein Rich Diet

Sodium or salt should be completely avoided in liver conditions because they decrease the immune level of the patient. Low immune status means the patient is prone to catch some infectious disease so the body’s immune response towards the liver condition is cut down.


Beverages like coffee and tea should also be avoided because due to the caffeine present in them, they become harder to digest.

Avoid Caffeine

The liver has to work more with such foods. Also, avoid foods that have excess preservatives like canned foods or spices. Stick to a bland diet that is useful for your liver.


A regular exercise regimen should be followed in liver patients. Light exercise will keep your muscles healthy and the blood flow will be maintained properly.

Brisk walk

Brisk walks and light yoga should be practiced on a daily basis to keep the body physically active and enhance the immunity system. With exercise, you eliminate chances of the other parts of the body from being affected.

These few natural remedies can be easily followed in liver patients and they do not have any side effects. You don’t need to visit a specified clinic to carry these out and they are not expensive remedies as well.

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