5 Amazing Ways Of Using Tea Tree Oil For Removing Blackheads

Ways Of Using Tea Tree Oil For Removing Blackheads

Blackheads are caused by sebum buildup and dead skin cells. They often appear on the forehead and nose. But they appear on other parts of the body such as neck, chest, and back as well. If you are looking to get rid of blackheads, you are on the right page. The best solution for handling them is by using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils which can be directly applied on the skin. You can use tea tree oil in a number of ways for removing the blackheads. Today, let us discuss few of them.

1. Add Tea Tree Oil In Bath Water:

You can easily manage the problem of blackheads by adding tea tree oil in the bath water. Add some drops of the tea tree oil in the bath water. Let the oil get dissolved in the water for few minutes. Then, take bath in that water or soak in that water for few minutes. This is one of the easiest ways for dealing with the blackheads. Besides removing blackheads from your skin, this process is highly effective in adding fragrance to the skin.

2. Add Tea Tree Oil In DIY Face Pack:

It is a known fact that homemade face packs are highly effective in rejuvenating your skin. Similarly, adding few drops of the tea tree oil in your homemade face pack is very helpful in eliminating blackheads from your skin. Add two or three drops each of the tea tree oil and jojoba oil in a small container. Now, add little tomato pulp. Combine everything well and apply on the blackhead affected area. Leave the paste on your skin for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, rinse off the pack with the cold water.

3. Add Tea Tree Oil To Your Moisturizer:

When you are applying moisturizer to your skin, do not forget adding the tea tree oil to it. Add two to six drops of the tea tree oil to the moisturizer. Massage your skin gently with it for few minutes. Wash your skin with the normal water. Tea tree oil when added to moisturizer works fantastically well in removing the blackheads from your skin. Also, it makes your skin soft and smooth.

4. Apply Tea Tree Oil Directly To Skin:

We already mentioned that tea tree oil is one of the few essential oils which can be applied directly on the skin. Due to its antiseptic properties, this oil works wonders in removing the blackheads from the skin. But, note that you should apply the hundred percent of pure tea tree oil to the skin. Take some pure tea tree oil and dilute it. Now, apply this diluted tea tree oil to your skin and wait for some hours or the whole night. Focus on blackheads affected area. Continue this process for twice or thrice in a week.

5. Add Tea Tree Oil In DIY Facial Scrub

Adding tea tree oil in the homemade facial scrub is another great alternative that comes to your rescue for managing the issue of blackheads. Take some amount of tea tree oil and add it to the equal amounts of olive oil and lavender oil. Add little amount of sugar to these oils. Also, add honey to these ingredients. Combine all these things together and apply on the entire facial skin. But, pay special attention to the blackheads affected area. Massage your skin with this DIY facial scrub in the circular strokes for some time. Then, rinse off the scrub with the water. Pat your skin dry with the towel. Finally, apply the moisturizer to your skin. Follow this method for two or three times in a week.

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