5 Simple Butter Face Masks You Must Try

5 Simple Butter Face Masks You Must Try

Butter is a delicious and mouth watering food which we all love to grab. But here we are with some amazing butter masks which will give you more reasons to fall in love with it. Butter is not only a yummy food for you little tummy but is also has some enormous benefits for your beautiful faces including a gorgeous smile. It consist of vitamin A best suitable for you delicate, soft and lovely skin. It brings back moisture to dry skin. It magically gets your face looks more youthful and makes your facial skin full of glow and life. I know it is hard but save little butter for your face and we assure it will give you beautiful benefits. Try these super cool butter masks and make your skin look adorable!

1. Butter And Honey Face Mask

Butter and honey is a supreme combination which would never fail to work miracles on your skin. If you have dry and undernourished skin, this mask would simply brighten up your skin and make it look moisturized. This cool ingredient can repair dry and lifeless skin in no time! This for rejuvenating your skin, mix some honey and butter and apply this skin enriching ingredient on your skin. Try this mask every week and make your skin super smooth as never before!

Butter And Honey Face Mask

2. Butter And Mango Face Mask

Mango juice is one of the healthiest ingredients for skin. In summers, you can use this amazing mask to rejuvenate and replenish your skin. If you require a punch of vitamins and enzymes which can fight dry, dull, pigmented and lifeless skin, this is the mask you need to try for once. Mix some mango juice and little butter and apply this essential face mask on your skin for awesome results!

3. Butter And Carrot Face Mask

Blend the butter with vegetables and you would get some unbelievable results. Carrot juice is extremely beneficial for the skin and would simply make it look flattering. Filled with nutrients and vitamins, carrot juice makes the skin fight pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and such issues. Mix some carrot juice with butter and apply this magical combination on your face. This mask would get your skin hydrated and also would make it look glossy and youthful with each application. Try this vegetable and butter mixture for refreshing and heart melting skin!

4. Yogurt And Butter Face Mask

If you are suffering from hyper pigmentation, dull skin, and that shine on your skin, you need to use some amazing ingredients which can fight these issues and get you breathtaking beautiful skin! Yogurt is a cool fermented food which can make your skin bright and soft. The enzymes and antioxidants in this food would fight pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone and along with butter, it would give your skin a super smooth texture! Thus go for this awesome yogurt butter mask and make your skin look adorable!

5. Butter And Lemon Face Mask

This is an awesome mask which has numerous benefits over the skin. Lemon juice is a cleansing and bleaching agent which can fight dark circles, dark spots and such skin impairments while butter would whiten and make your skin smoother. Mix some butter and lemon juice and apply this miraculous mixture on your skin. This would simply fight skin impairments and get you glowing skin naturally!

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