20 Benefits Of Bananas For Health, Hair And Skin

Bananas For Health, Hair And Skin

Bananas are a fruit that are filled with immense nutrients and minerals that are ideal for your overall health. But along with this, bananas are also a wholesome food that nourishes your skin, hair and health. Some people ignore the goodness of this fruit because it is rather cost-effective.

Here Are Amazing Benefits Of The Same:

1. Nourishing Hair Mask

Use bananas for a nourishing hair mask by mashing a ripe one up. Add some honey and apply all over. It gets rid of your hair dryness and provides hydration at a great budget. Wash off after half an hour.

Yoghurt Hair Mask

2. Dryness Face Pack

Just mash up a banana again and apply on the face as a pack. It gets rid of extreme skin dryness by improving skin cell rejuvenation and boosting easier absorption of enzymes in the fruit.

Banana Face Pack

3. Fights Depression

Bananas boost your mood and fight depression, thanks to the high content of tryptophan in the same. It is like a serotonin that is known for boosting happy hormones.


4. Improves Metabolism

If you are looking forward to boosting metabolism, then you should definitely try eating a banana on an empty stomach. Being high in water content along with fibres, it boosts metabolism and keeps you kicking for a longer period of time.

Improved Metabolism

5. Increase Energy Levels

If you have just worked out and are feeling tired, then make sure that you consume two bananas post the workout. This will give you natural sugars that provide an insulin boost and help you retain your energy levels too.

Higher Energy Levels

6. Gets Rid of Cramps

Athletes tend to get a lot of cramps in their legs and body because of working out too much or strenuously. In particular , night time cramps get relief from eating bananas on a daily basis.

Provides Relief from Muscle Cramps

7. Reduces Bone Loss

With age, people, especially women tend to suffer from bone loss issues. In this reference, banana is very high on calcium that is needed for bone strength. People eating 2 bananas on a daily basis have more resistance against diseases like arthritis.

Bone Loss

8. Fights PMS

A lot of women suffer from PMS or premenstrual syndrome. Even for women who are undergoing menopause, eating bananas are highly recommended because it helps in regulating blood sugar and reduces symptoms like stress, depression and cramps too.

Treat PMS

9. Lowers Blood Sugar

Bananas are high on potassium along with being really low on salt. Consuming a banana on empty stomach helps in regulation of blood sugar levels in the body.

Blood Sugar Levels

10. Reduces Risk of Stroke And Heart Attacks

Bananas are highly suggested for reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Being low on salt and improving the potassium absorption levels in the body, the prevent blockage of arteries and reduce risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

11. Fights Anemia

If you are suffering from issues related to haemoglobin, then bananas are a fruit that you should definitely opt for. Bananas are high on iron that aids in boosting iron content in the body and thus facilitates red blood cell growth too.


12. Prevents Type II Diabetes

The high levels of vitamin B-6 are ideal for increasing the overall immunity of the body with growth in white blood cells. This is crucial for fighting against diseases like type II diabetes.


13. Get Glowing Skin

Bananas are high on fibre that are known for cleansing the internal system of the body. Once your digestive system is cleaned up, you automatically gain with glowing skin.


14. Boosts Hair Growth

Thanks to the high levels of minerals and vitamins in banana, there is a rapid growth in cell rejuvenation, which is imperative for boosting hair growth. It also strengthens hair and reduces hair fall.

Hair Growth

15. Aids Constipation

If you are suffering from constipation issues then eat a banana. High on fibre and water content, bananas help ease bowel movements without much fret.


16. Gets Rid Metals And Toxins

If you are looking for a diet that detoxifies then opt for eating bananas on one day. Doing so helps in getting out the metals and toxins from the body, thanks to the high pectin levels in this fruit.

Gets Rid of Toxins

17. Relieves Stomach Ulcers

Bananas also reduce stomach ulcers as they don’t lay stress on the same. So if you suffer from ulcers, eat 2 bananas a day to get strength, boost immunity and fight the ulcers too.

Stomach Ulcer

18. Cleansing Mask

You can also use a banana for creating your own cleansing mask. Just mix it up with some almonds and then puree the duo. Now use it as a scrub for getting rid of dead cells and toxins from the skin.

Cleansing Mask

19. Fights Diarrhoea

In this reference, you should eat a raw banana that is boiled. It has high starch content that aids in binding the stomach. So it stops loose motions and Diarrhoea symptoms too.

Treats Stomach Problems

20. Fights Ageing

Bananas are also high on antioxidants that are known for fighting free radicals that cause ageing. You can eat a banana and apply it on the face too for getting the dual benefit.

It worsens with age

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