15 Natural Cures For Body Odour

Natural Cures For Body OdourBody odour can be a cause of embarrassment for anyone. A sweaty armpit or forehead can give out bad stench from the body that may create discomfort to people around.

Although there are medicinal remedies that can cure body odour which can be the cause of some internal dysfunction, there are certain natural cures too. Often body odour can be the result when your liver is weak. Here are few natural cures to treat body odour at home:

Natural Ways To Cure Body Odour

Stay Clean

The best way to stay away from body odour is to stay clean. Take regular showers at least once a day.  As sweat is the main cause of odour, if you take shower your chances of sweating will reduce.


Try to concentrate on areas where you tend to sweat more during cleaning. Clean thoroughly whenever you feel that you have been sweating a lot.

Use Antibacterial Soaps

Sweat itself is odourless. However, when the body sweats certain bacteria is formed that leads to the odour. Use good antibacterial soaps which may kill the odour-causing bacteria. This may keep body odour at bay. Some good antibacterial soaps are Neko, Dettol etc. You can consult a dermatologist for recommendations.

Natural Deodorants

Nowadays a lot of natural and aluminium free deodorants are readily available in the market. Deodorants made of various herbs and crystals can be used instead of the ammonia based once.

Use Proper Deodorants

This can come in the form of bath salts and crystals as well. Mixing some in your bath water can be quite helpful. This can ward off body odour.

Anger Management

Try to stay calm and cool. Too much of anger and stress can make you sweat a lot. Try to practice stress-relieving activities like yoga, meditation and other things. Try to maintain a proper work and personal life balance. Often it is seen that people who toil too much at work can get angry readily. This can be a cause of excessive body odour. Focus on being systematic and balancing in nature. This will be a good remedy to stop body odours.

Vinegar Spritz

Spritz vinegar to the areas that tend to sweat a lot, like armpits. Use apple cedar or white vinegar and that will act as an antiseptic in killing the bacteria that causes the smell.


You can make you own spray by diluting some vinegar, lavender oil and water. Spray it daily after bath.  Make sure that you gently wipe the area dry. This can improve the situation.

Towel Off

Always keep a small towel handy. Try to keep yourself dry by wiping away excess sweat. The tendency to sweat varies from person to person. Some people tend to sweat a lot. The more wet or sweaty your body will be there will be more chances of bacteria formation. Control this by trying to keep your body as much dry as possible.

Wear Clean Clothes

Make sure that you laundry your clothes at regular intervals. Wearing the same clothes everyday can be very dirty and can lead to the formation of bacteria.

Wear Comfortable Cloths

This can cause a lot of bad smell. Washing the clothes in soapy water will kill the bacteria. Try wearing clean clothes on a daily basis.

Eat Carefully

Choose your food wisely. What you intake inside your body may react outside. Try to avoid foods that are very hot and spicy. Taking too much of red chilli peppers can make your body moist. Avoid it as much as possible. Also pungent herbs like garlic and onions are best eaten less if you tend to sweat a lot. This can control the odour significantly.

Take Green Supplements

Try to take supplements like wheat grass and chlorophyll. This will ensure that the bacteria causing the foul smell, is not formed and prevent from body odour.

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You can take pills of these supplements from local pharmacy. They also act as natural deodorants and can actually make you smell sweet and fresh.

Use Popular Deodorants

This is the most common and easiest way to fight off body odour.  Try to use the deodorants are available in the market. However, you should know that these deodorants do not have any antibacterial properties and therefore cannot kill the bacteria that creates the body odour. They can only overpower the smell of your body with their strong fragrance.

Natural Fibres

Try to wear clothes made out of natural fibres like cotton, silk etc. This will make room for your skin to breathe freely unlike synthetic fibres.

High Fibre Diet

You will sweat less and your body odour can be controlled considerably. Synthetic fibres like georgette etc. is better be avoided, specially during hot climatic condition.

Wear Loose Clothes

Always wearing skin tight clothes can make you sweat a lot. As this does not give space for your skin to take the natural air. Try to wear clothes that are not very tight as the fabric coming constantly in contact with your skin can be the cause of bacteria formation that make you stink. Loose clothes will be comfortable and you will sweat less.

Natural Sanitizers

Use natural sanitizers like tea-tree oil, lavender oil etc in your bath water. You can also apply it directly on the areas that sweat a lot.

Hand Sanitizers

This will kill the bacteria and restrict their formation. You can also use perfumes made out of tea tree oil like Elizabeth Arden Tea Tree Perfume. Thus you can ensure that your body will be free of foul smell.

Clean Feet

Often our feet are the most neglected part of our body. Try to keep it clean every day. Often sweaty feet give out unbearable smell specially during winters.

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Try to soak your feet in a tub full of warm salt water for sometimes. This will kill the bacteria and your feet will not give out the strong odour.


Sometimes go for detoxifying sessions like going for detox diet or visiting a spa. Nowadays various cleansing and detoxifying methods are practised. Try to go for them under expert advice. Kerala Ayurvedic is known for offering various detoxifying packages. This will obviously help heal the situation.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.