5 Exercises For Stress Relief

In the twenty first century, stress is a common phenomenon and is suffered by almost everyone. Stress can lead to health disorders, anger, chronic depression and a wide range of other ailments. But, just sitting and pulling your hair is simply not the answer when it comes to dealing with depression.

Not even popping down pills. Trust me, pills can lead to many side effects, thus it is advisable to go the natural way and sweat it out instead. Here is a list of some stress relieving exercises that you can try out.

Exercises For Stress Relief

Deep Breathing

This is probably the best exercise when it comes to dealing with stress. It works better when performed in an open environment such as on the terrace or in a garden or a park. Sit with your legs folded like the yoga position with your palms on your knees. Keep your back straight, close your eyes and inhale deeply and slowly.

deep breathing

Push your stomach in slowly as you inhale. Then release your breath and exhale. Do this at least ten times twice daily especially in the morning and evening. If practiced regularly then deep breathing can be a great stress buster for you as it promotes the body’s relaxation response.


Don’t get surprised by looking at this option. It does work. If you are bothered by stress then go for an early morning stroll in the park or by the beach if you stay near one.


Not only it reduces stress related health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and so on but also relaxes your mind. Admire everything around you and see all your tension release. Moreover, it will help in keeping you physically active too.

Tai Chi

This is an ancient Chinese form of exercise. The movements in Tai Chi are every graceful, slow, focused and involves deep breathing techniques. It is a combination of exercise and meditation.

Tai Chi

There are various styles involved and you need to join a Tai Chi training institute to learn the art. If you are able to learn the moves then you can practice them anywhere. It helps you to keep focused and releases stress. It is beneficial for various health issues as well.

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Circuit Training 

circuit training

Circuit training is actually a combination of weight training and Cardio and involves short rest intervals in between. You can join a gym and get enrolled for circuit training. It is beneficial for pumping the body’s endorphin level and improves the mood and reduces stress as well.


Pilates is a very famous form of exercise that involves physical movements along with meditation techniques. You can get hold of some DVDs on Pilates and start practicing at home.


Moreover, you can also join a Pilates center. This form of exercise can be performed on a machine or even on an exercise mat or the floor as well. It is very enjoyable and helps you stay physically fit and aids in stress reduction too.

So, stress is not an issue anymore. Remember, you are not the only one dealing with stress related issues. It is happening with everyone. So, be wiser than others and instead of crashing on the sofa and killing your brains. Get started in doing something that will be a healthy option. Go exercising!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.