15 Fabulous Health Benefits Of Organic Jaggery

Health Benefits Of Organic Jaggery

One word that would surely click in your mind at the mere mention of the adjective sweet is jaggery. It is one of the most common sweetening agents in India and many other Asian countries. This golden yellow or brownish substance is prepared from the juice of either jaggery or dates. The use of jaggery is not limited to adding flavor to a dish or for preparing desserts; it is actually packed with some wonderful health benefits.

Here Are The 15 Fabulous Health Benefits Of Organic Jaggery:

1. Energizes The Body:

Carbohydrates are essential for keeping the body energetic. Glucose definitely provides instant energy and hence is the first thing given to a person who faints due to exertion but since sugar is absorbed instantly it can result in sudden rise in the blood sugar levels which can result in health hazards in the later stage. Jaggery has a dual advantage it is a carbohydrate but of complex nature hence it is absorbed slowly and energizes a person slowly. No wonder our grandparents always preferred a piece of jaggery with a glass of water to overcome fatigue.

Energizes The Body

2. Good For The Blood:

Jaggery flushes out the toxins and purifies the blood. Besides purification it is also known to be a good remedy for anemia as it helps in improving the hemoglobin levels of the blood which in turn helps to keep away diseases related to the blood. It is recommended by many health experts that regular consumption of roasted gram (chana) and jaggery helps boost iron and folic acid levels in the body.

3. Improves Bone Health:

Jaggery improves bone health. It strengthens the bones and muscles. It gives respite from joint pains. The best way to have jaggery if you want to strengthen the bones is take a glass of warm milk. Add two teaspoons of grated jaggery to it .Mix well. Have this mixture daily in the mornings. For relief from joint pains, mix equal quantities of grated jaggery and grated ginger. Have this mixture once daily.

Improves Bone Health

4. Prevents Respiratory Problems:

It removes the dust particles and helps in keeping the lungs and the entire respiratory system clean .It has anti allergic compounds thus aiding in fighting respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma. In case of respiratory issues take two tablespoons of black sesame seeds. Roast them well. Add one tablespoon of grated jaggery to it. Mix well and have this mixture once daily.

Prevents Respiratory Problems

5. Good For Digestion:

Jaggery has a cleansing effect on the digestive tract. It is also known to promote the secretion of digestive juices/enzymes in the digestive system thereby improving digestion. Sucking a piece of jaggery gives relief from acidity. Jaggery has fiber which helps in improving bowel movement and keeps the intestines clean. Therefore it is a good remedy for getting rid of constipation and flatulence.

Good For Digestion

6. Helps Control Blood Pressure:

Acid balance in the cells is maintained by jaggery due to the presence of minerals like sodium, potassium and selenium. This property of jaggery helps in maintaining the blood pressure. Also its low sodium content helps in keeping blood pressure under control.

Helps Control Blood Pressure

7. Beautifies Skin

Antioxidant selenium is present in jaggery which has anti ageing benefits thus keeping the skin young for a longer time. It has several minerals which keep’s the skin free from acne, blemishes and pimples. It keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.

Beautifies Skin

8. Boon For Women:

Jaggery gives relief to women from premenstrual cramps and pains during menstruation. Besides it helps pregnant women deal with anemia caused during pregnancy. Simply sucking a piece of jaggery is beneficial.

Boon For Women

9. Promotes Men’s Health:

It increases the stamina and vitality in men .It helps them get over weakness. Moreover it is known to increase the number of good quality sperms. Take a teaspoon of amla powder. Add a teaspoon of grated jaggery. Mix well and have this mixture daily to improve sperm quality and increase the sperm count.

Promotes Men’s Health

10. Good For The Hair:

Due the presence of iron jaggery is good for the hair, especially when it is combined with foods that are rich in vitamin C .It gives long, beautiful, shining tresses. Combine jaggery with lemon juice and have the mixture daily for healthy hair .It can also be used in making hair pack. Take a tablespoon of multani mitti .Add a tablespoon of yogurt. Add a little jaggery and mix well. Apply this pack to the hair for 20 minutes and shampoo hair with a mild herbal shampoo. Use this remedy twice in a month.

Good For The Hair

11. Helps In Weight Reduction:

The presence of potassium in jaggery facilitates in prevention of water retention in the body thus contributing to reducing weight. Instead of normal white sugar opt for jaggery in your morning cup of tea as it has fewer calories as compared to white sugar. Jaggery also improves the metabolism and thereby contributes in weight reduction.

Helps In Weight Reduction

12. Hiccups Treatment:

Jaggery for hiccups is a tried and tested remedy in most households. Take a little of dry ginger powder. Add grated jaggery to it. Mix well and have this mixture along with tepid water to get rid of hiccups.

Hiccups Treatment

13. Toughens The Nervous System:

Magnesium present in jaggery gives relief from stress and strain and cools down the nerves. Therefore jaggery is useful in making the nervous system stronger. It is also found to improve memory.

14. For Ears And Eyes:

Jaggery is known to give respite from ear pain which is caused due to infection. Simply mix grated jaggery with pure ghee and have this daily to get rid of the ear pain. It is said that jaggery is good for the eyes.For best results it should be had along with millets like Sorghumr and Pearl millet.

For Ears And Eyes

15. Headaches:

Jaggery is found to reduce headaches and is also used as treatment for migraine. Take one teaspoon of cow’s ghee. Add 2 teaspoons of grated jaggery. Mix well and have this mixture twice daily to get relief from headaches and migraine.


So reach out for the goodness of jaggery and enjoy the benefits of this sweet treat but remember to eat it in measured quantity and to use only pure organic jaggery, one which is free from chemicals.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.