16 Remarkable Health Benefits Of Dried Fruits

Health Benefits Of Dried Fruits

In a pure condition dried fruits are fresh fruits with zero percent of water content. The process of dehydration of water helps the nutrients of dry fruits to get well concentrated. In the year 2005 a medical journal was published. It disclosed an interesting fact that dried grapes, plums and cranberries have many nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Before starting a diet of dried fruits you should be acquainted with the fact that a dried fruit like apricots is smaller than a fresh one yet it contains the same quantity of sugar and calories. According to Chrissy Wellington a nutritionist from Lenox one cup of fresh fruit creates a single portion on the other hand a dried fruit contains greater amount of calories, vitamins and minerals. When you eat dry fruits then you derive greater advantages take for example a quarter cup of almonds.

You should check the presence of added sweeteners particularly in dry fruits like cranberries and cherries. You should check the list of its ingredients before selecting any dry fruits to eat. You can search for dry fruit packs that have been inscribed with zero % sulfites this is a component that maintains color vibes in the fruit. One more thing to remember is that all dry fruits are not having a candy taste so they should not taste like a candy.

Let Us Discuss At Least Ten Health Benefits Of Dried Fruits Through This Article:-

Longer Life:-

Fresh fruits have a long shelf living duration and portable function after getting converted into dry fruits. If you are planning to lose extra calories then you can eat dry fruits in a moderate ratio.

Longer Life

Rich Source Of Calories:-

Some of the dried fruits prove as a rich source of calories because they have added sugar at the time of processing. On the other hand dry fruits without additives also provide with many health benefits.

High Fiber Content:-

Dried fruits serve as excellent and rich sources of fibers in comparison to their fresh parts. Fiber is very essential to keep your digestive system running in a smooth condition.

High Fiber Content

Rich In Nutrients:-

Dry fruits have the highest content of nutrients. Take for example fresh grapes have 32% of vitamin c on the other hand dried grapes are having vitamin c in a ratio of 85% plus they also act as rich sources of iron.

Fighters Of Obesity:-

Dry fruits act as excellent fighters against obesity. They help in combating extra calories and help to keep our body fit and fine.

Fighters Of Obesity

Prevention Of Cancer:-

Cancer is a fatal and death oriented disease. Many people wonder what diet they should adopt against prevention of cancer. Medical researches show that people eating dry fruits on regular basis do not meet with the fatal chance of having cancer.

Prevention Of Cancer

Rich In Antioxidants:-

Some of the dried fruits act as a rich source of antioxidants. According to recently published medical journals fruits like figs and date palms contain plenty of phenols, an antioxidant that helps human body to combat cancer, HIV, heart diseases and diabetes.

combat diabetes

Rich In Taste-

Dry fruits are rich in taste it is for this reason cooks mix these fruits in custards, ice creams, cakes and pastries including puddings. Dry fruits are rich in dense nutrients. They possess a very high ratio of minerals and nutrients and some extra calories for those persons who want to derive extra energy without eating more.

Rich In Taste

Long Term Storage Power:-

Dry fruits are actually dehydrated fruits that are dried by making use of wind tunnels. These fruits have a very interesting and detailed history of portability and safety. Thus we can say that dry fruits can be carried anywhere due to having great portability and rich long term safety.

Perfect Concentration Of Nutrients For Long Term:-

When dry fruits are prepared by dehydration of juicy fresh fruits then water content in these fruits get removed and nutrients get a more concentrated form and the outer structure of these fruits also gets changed. Thus dry fruits get concentrated nutrients and can provide great stamina while doing exercise.

provide great stamina

Get A Beautiful Skin:-

Everybody wants a beautiful skin and nothing is wrong in it. If you eat dry fruits like date palms, resins, apricots and figs then you will become the owner of a healthy and beautiful skin.

Get A Beautiful Skin:

Lead A Cancer Proof Life:-

Cancer is a dreaded disease, it can lead to death if not treated within a proper frame of time. Dry fruits have many anticancer militants that can combat and destroy cancer cells. So many doctors are now suggesting cancer patients to eat this fruit stuff to ward of the chances of cancer.

Lead A Cancer Proof Life

Potassium Food:-

Besides calcium our bones need sufficient potassium. Potassium is also needed to maintain a regular blood pressure. Dry fruits like apricots and plums contain high content of potassium.

High Fiber Content For Digestion:-

Dry fruits contain high fiber content. Fiber is an essential component that helps in proper digestion of food. Cherry and figs act as rich sources of fiber. These fruits also have sufficient content of vitamin C and vitamin A that are essential for healthy eye sight and skin.

High Fiber Content For Digestion

Rich Source Of Iron:-

Iron is an essential component of the blood it helps in the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the entire body. If you eat 4 plums daily then you can fulfill the requirement of iron on daily basis.

No Fat Content:-

One specialty of dry fruits is that they have zero fat content. So if you are on dieting for weight loss then you can consider eating dry fruits in your daily food.

No Fat Content

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