11 Distinguished Remedies For Insect Bites

Insect bites are a normal occurrence in our lives. It can happen any time and any place. While some insect bites are harmless and do not cause much distress, there are many others that can be dangerous and cause a lot of pain, swelling, itching and general discomfort in the person.The stinging sensation can be very difficult to deal with and the pain can be excruciating at times. Sometimes, an insect bite can cause fever and tenderness in the area affected. There are many over the counter medications for treating insect bites.

Insect Bites

But you actually need not use any of them as a number of effective home remedies are available for getting rid of the discomfort and pain.Home remedies are all you need to treat insect bites. They give instant relief and can be safely used on kids as well. If the symptoms worsen even after trying home remedies, you must not wait for other trials as there are insect bites that can be extremely poisonous and can prove fatal.  Rush to the hospital if the symptoms persist and the person’s condition deteriorates.

Home Remedies for Insect Bite

Relax and Wash The Area With Plain Water

Most insect bites are harmless and do not require much care and concern. Just leaving them alone and washing the area with soap and water to flush off any bacteria is all you need to do to cure them. The next day you would be up and raring to go.

It is essential not to scratch or rub on the area as in most cases, scratching is the single most action that leads to skin peeling and infections. Insect bites normally swell up and you could feel some pain followed by itchiness in the area. But this would subside within half an hour.

However, if after an insect bite, you feel feverish and is followed by other symptoms like difficulty in breathing and chills, it could be a dangerous insect. You must not waste time and should immediately consult the doctor in such cases.

Wash Hands

Calamine Lotion for Curing Insect Bites

Most of the time, a normal insect bite like a mosquito bite will present you only with itchiness and not pain as such. To prevent scratching and peeling of skin, you can use calamine lotion as a quick fix solution for stopping the aching itch.

Spread calamine lotion on the affected area and allow the lotion to dry and harden. The drying and hardening will control the itch that you feel and prevent the skin from secondary infections and bacteria entering through the cut.

Calamine Lotion

Milk Can be Used for Curing Insect Bites

Milk or other creams with a milk base can be used for soothing insect bites. Other dairy products too can have the same calming effect on your nerves when you are faced with an insect bite. Milk contains active enzymes that can relieve your strained nerves when you eat food that is spicy.

The same enzymes act on the feeling of itchiness when you are bitten by a bug. Dab milk on the areas and allow it to dry. See how fast you are relieved from itching.


A Spicy Solution for Your Insect Bite

The spices stored in your kitchen cupboards can do much to remove that itch from your skin. Take salt and mix it with some water. Apply it on the itchy area for instant relief. Baking soda too can have a great effect on itching insect bites.

Mix baking soda with one cup of water that is warm. Soak a soft cloth inside it and wring dry. Apply this cloth on the area of itch for about 20 minutes. By now the swelling and discomfort would have been relieved. You can also use a meat tenderiser by dissolving it with water and applying it on the skin with great results.

Sea Salt

Ice Compress to Stop the Itch

A very simple home remedy for insect bite, ice compress can offer instant relief from inflammation and itching. Place an ice compress or an ice on the skin by covering it with a cloth. Do this all throughout the day for complete removal of the discomfort associated with insect bite.

Ice Cubes

Oatmeal Bath for Relief From Insect Bite

Oatmeal bath comes of great help if you have been bitten by insects all over the body. Take one cup of oatmeal that is powdered and add it in a tub full of warm water. Soak your body inside for about 15 minutes. This will relieve the need to scratch and also help in clearing any sort of irritation on the skin.


Apply Hydrocortisone Cream for Insect Bite

Application of hydrocortisone cream on the insect bit will ensure that the swelling and itching are kept under control and the discomfort is eased from the skin. Apply the cream as soon as the insect bites on your body.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream

Peppermint Toothpaste to Relieve Insect Bite

Peppermint toothpaste or any other toothpaste can be used to control the itching caused due to insect bite. To stop scratching, use toothpaste directly on the area of bite and allow it to dry. The cooling action of the toothpaste, especially peppermint toothpaste will relieve the itching almost immediately.


Lavender and Vegetable Oil for Relieving Insect Bites

Take equal amounts of lavender oil and vegetable oil and mix well. Apply on the area of bite. Lavender oil will help in reducing the swelling and the intense itch associated with insect bites, especially mosquito bites.

Lavender Oil

Rub Alcohol on the Insect Bite

Alcohol will immediately stop itching and irritation on the skin. This is especially good if you have a mosquito bite to deal with. Apply alcohol on the affected area and allow it to dry naturally. Leave it on.


Deodorant can Help Stop Itching

Insect bites or mosquito bites can be treated by spraying deodorants on the area. A roll on deodorant would be a better option to mask the itch and the swelling and prevent it from flaring up due to bacterial action.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.