10 Beneficial Essential Oils That You Must Keep At Home

Essential Oils

There are some essential oils that you must keep at home because they come with an array of benefits. These are oils that can be used for different kinds of home remedies, ranging from applications to consumption. Essential oils come in small bottles and hence are easy to store. But most importantly they provide you with many benefits that include health gain, maintaining better hygiene and also cure infections.

Here Are 10 Essential Oils That You Must Stock At Home:

Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the most essential oils that should be a part of your medicinal cupboard. There are tons of home remedies that can be done using this oil. Rich in antibacterial and anti fungal properties, tea tree can be diluted in water and used for different kinds of infections, cuts, wounds, steam inhalation and also for refreshing fragrance. It keeps mould away and helps fight off insects, spiders, etc. It can be used in clothes as a natural antiseptic too. You can use it for keeping acne and pimples at bay.

Tea Tree Oil


One of the best oils for relaxation and providing your body with some calm would be lavender. It has many benefits like treating skin rashes, combating acne, insect bites or even some small scale burns. You can mix the lavender oil in different beauty therapies and treatments too. If you had a long day then you can simply add a few drops of lavender oil in your bath and sit back to relax a little. It can be mixed with water and used as a natural deodorant too. If you want to keep roaches and spiders at bay, keep a few drops of this oil handy to be placed on clothes, wardrobe corners, etc.

Lavender Oil

Indian Lilac

The bitterness of this oil keeps many at bay, but there are so many health benefits of keeping the Indian lilac oil at home. First of all, it is a great antiseptic. So if you have issues related to itchiness, burns, boils, etc. on the body, mix a few drops of this oil to the bath. You can mix this oil with some coconut oil and apply on scalp to fight off lice and infections too. It helps in getting rid of acne and pimples or even chicken pox marks.

Indian Lilac

Lemon Oil

The oil of lemon is highly suggested for home use. You can use it for polishing your old furniture, add it to your laundry to get a wonderful smell or even use it as a soap cleaner. You can make a natural lemon spray at home by mixing lemon oil with some distilled water. Works as a natural deodorant or even room spray. Gargle lemon oil mixed with water to get rid of bad breathe. It fights dandruff, acne, etc. too.

Lemon Oil


The goodness of peppermint it not restricted to just external application. A few drops of peppermint oil mixed in warm water helps relief an upset stomach or even treat nausea. You can rub it on the stomach for getting pain relief. It can be used as a mouth rinse or applied on toothpaste for fresh breath. Apply on chest and back to get rid of stubborn cold and cough. You can also use it for getting rid of bad smells on skin or clothes.

Peppermint Oil


This the best essential oil available at home for treating acute cold, cough, infections, etc. The oil helps to get rid of other skin problems like acne and boils too. You can apply a few drops on your infant pillow also to help them breathe easier. It can be added as a compress too.

Eucalyptus Oil


Rosemary oil is very beneficial for treating different kinds of skin infections, especially rashes, blisters, etc. The oil is used for cleaning wooden pieces and is known to keep termites at bay. Use it on wooden furniture or even in the kitchen to keep pests and mosquitoes away.

Rosemary oil


All your dental problems are solved with Clove oil. It should be kept in your home to fight off all tooth and gum infections. Clove oil improves oral health and is used for treating canker sores too. It heals ear infections too.

Clove Oil


This soothing oil is used externally for different kinds of beauty treatments at home. It helps fight off acne and pimples. It cures eczema, boils, dry skin issues, cuts and even bruises. Have a bug or bee bite? Just apply this oil on the area.

Chamomile oil


All kinds of swollen lymph node problems are tacked with the grapefruit oil. It helps in reducing the problem of oily skin too and can be mixed with other oils for hair application. It helps to combat cellulite issues while providing you with clean and clear skin too.


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