Yoga To Improve Eyesight

Human eye is the most important organ in the body and it requires utmost attention and care. Like all other organs, the eyes too lose its muscle tone, as we grow older. This leads to weakness in the eye and decreases the ability to focus on various distances. Not only this, if there is a tension around the eye area, it disturbs the brain and creates a lot of pressure and restlessness. Hence, it is important for the eye muscles to relax. There is deep-rooted connection between the mind and the eyes.

Yoga is an ancient technique known to cure several ailments including eyesight. A yoga schedule followed regularly helps improve eyesight. Not only does it help eye health, the asanas, pranayama and the meditation relaxes the mind and brings about peace and serenity. Yoga for the eye helps the muscles and makes them strong. This will rectify all eye issues. Mentioned below are some of the effective exercises for eye health, which helps in improving the eyesight.

Yoga Exercise To Improve Eyesight

Corpse Pose – Shavasana

This asana is mandatory before you start the eye exercise. The body needs to relax first. Hence, this asana is important. First lie down without any movement on the floor and gently close your eyes.


Every part from the head to the toe must relax. This posture helps the body relax and gives absolute tranquility as both the mind and the body are at a state of rest.


Palming is very relaxing for the eye and soothes the nerves. This is useful for the eyes to retrieve from the stress created due to alternating exposure to darkness and light. All you need to do is to gently cover your eyes and do some deep breathing. This relieves you from the strain in the eye muscles and the blood supply to the nerves will improve. Gently rub both your palms together, so that it becomes warm, place the warm palms on your eyes.


Make sure that you do not put a lot of pressure on the eyelid while placing your palm on your eye. The eye need some relaxation in the dark. This yoga exercise enables the warm prana to flow from your palm to the eye, provides ease to your mind, and relieves any kind of stress or strain in and around the eye muscles.

Eye Exercise Using Yoga

Sit upright with your hands placed on your knees. Look up and focus on something, which you can view without too much strain. Then slowly switch your focus down on to the floor and focus on something down. Switching your focus from one point to another is a great exercise for the eye.

While performing this exercise you should make sure that, your breathing pattern is normal and undisturbed. You must note that while doing this exercise your body should be relaxed and only your eye should perform the action, the head should remain still.

Eye Movements – Horizontally

Sit erect and look straight. Slowly move the focus point from the centre to the extreme left. Stay there for a moment. Slowly change focus from left to right. Stay there for a while. Now, relax a bit by placing your palm on your eyes. Next, move the focus to the left bottom and then switch to right top.

Eye Movements Horizontally

Repeat this procedure from right bottom switching over to left top. The last step involves the rotation of the eye in both clock wise and anti clockwise directions. Repeating this procedure for about 10 times, whenever there is any strain helps in improving the eye health.

Focusing On One Point – Trataka

This yoga exercise helps in eliminating problems in the eye. It also enhances concentration, improves vision and clears the mind. Sit firm and straight up on the floor in a relaxed pose with the spine upright.


Open your eyes wide and focus on one particular object. Do not blink your eye. Keep your focus fixed steadily on the object until tears flow. Do not overstrain and make sure you breathe normally.


You must begin with this exercise 3 to 4 days after you have started the above eye exercises. In this exercise, you roll the eyes clockwise and then in counterclockwise direction as follows. First, lower the eyes and gaze at the ground, then move your eyes towards the left side and higher and higher until the ceiling is visible.


Now, continue rotating the eye right, lower and then lower down until the floor is visible again. Repeat this exercise slowly making a full circle. Blink and relax. Do this again, but now in counterclockwise direction. Repeat for five times. Blink your eyes for five seconds.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.