5 Yoga Breathing Importance For Beginners

yoga breathing

Breathing is a natural process. You start breathing as soon as you are born; in fact a child starts breathing in the womb itself. Breathing is necessary to survive, you feel uncomfortable if your heart misses even a single beat. Breathing is an unconscious effort, it comes naturally.

When you breathe you inhale oxygen and while exhaling you expel carbon dioxide from the body. Oxygen keeps your heart, lungs and respiratory system in good health and when you fail to inhale enough oxygen your breathing goes heavy and you feel suffocated.

In Yoga breathing exercises you learn to breathe in the correct manner. Yoga Breathing is important for various reasons.

Importance of Yoga Breathing For Beginners

Yoga Breathing Teaches You The Art Of Correct Breathing Techniques

Correct Breathing Techniques

Yoga breathing for beginners is important as it teaches you the right breathing techniques. The basic principle of Yoga Breathing is that when you inhale your abdomen should expand and while exhaling the abdomen should be sucked in. You concentrate on every breath while inhaling and exhaling and this helps to improve your concentration power. It calms your nerves and you feel relaxed.

Helps To Stimulate The Flow Of Oxygen

Yoga breathing is important as it improves the flow of oxygen. While breathing correctly you inhale maximum oxygen and exhale all the toxins from the body.

With enhanced flow of oxygen your nervous system is strengthened and you are filled with renewed energy. Your mind becomes alert and fully conscious, making you feel active and agile.

stimulate the oxygen

Yoga Breathing Builds Stamina

Yoga breathing is important for beginners as it builds stamina and you are able to hold your breath while performing Yoga Asanas. The more control you have on your breathing, the longer you will be able to hold a Yoga Pose.

This will enable you to enjoy the complete benefit of a particular Yoga Asana.
With enhanced stamina you can sit in meditation comfortably for longer periods. Yoga breathing helps in the synchronisation of mind and body, which is a vital aspect of Yoga.

builds stamina

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Reduces Stress

Yoga Breathing is important for beginners as it helps to reduce stress. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and you feel at peace from within. It reduces emotional and nervous anxiety.

reduce stress

As a beginner you will find yoga breathing immensely helpful in training your mind and body for advance Yoga Asanas. It removes negative thoughts and prevents depression.

Yoga Breathing Gives You Control Over Your Senses

The most important aspect of Yoga breathing for beginners is that it makes you capable of controlling your thoughts. With special breathing techniques you learn to rein your senses and this helps you in every sphere of your life.

You learn to control your emotions, reactions, anger and you learn to manage stress, frustrations etc. Students are able to concentrate on their studies and they become more focused and are able to achieve their targets.

control your senses

Yoga breathing is important for beginners as it has a positive effect on the overall system of body and mind. It makes you mentally, physically and emotionally stronger.

yoga breathing

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