Vitamin D3 Side Effects

Vitamin D3 Side EffectsOur body needs all essential vitamins and minerals in order to function well. Among these, vitamin D3 is very important as it helps keep our bones healthy by promoting calcium absorption and preventing loss of bone mass. It is necessary in order to prevent health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, rickets, cancer, etc. Vitamin D3 can also help treat conditions like hypoglycemia, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc. The benefits of vitamin D3 are manifold, but many people suffer from its deficiency due to less exposure to sunlight which our body requires to make vitamin D3.

It can also be obtained from food sources such as salmon, cod liver oil, eggs, fortified foods, etc. Many people are deficient in this essential vitamin and are asked to take supplements. Sometimes, an overdose may occur due to excess intake of vitamin D3 through food, supplements and sunlight. This can cause side effects which can be very discomforting and may lead to serious health complications. It is therefore advisable to avoid excess intake of vitamin D3. Given here are the commonly observed side effects of vitamin D3.

Various Side Effects Of Vitamin D3

Stomach Upset

If you take excessive amounts of vitamin D3, or use it improperly, it may cause a condition called hypercalcemia that results in an upset stomach apart from other side effects like nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Upset Stomach

Such side effects may affect your appetite and result in weight loss. It is best to consult your physician if you are suffering from these side effects while taking vitamin D3 supplements.

Increased Thirst And Urination

Another commonly observed effect of high levels of vitamin D3 is that it can make the affected person feel very thirsty constantly. The mouth and throat feel dry and you tend to drink more water. This results in more frequent urination as well.


These side effects can cause lot of discomfort. Since these are the symptoms of diabetes, and could be due to any other health condition as well, it is best to check with your physician if you are taking the right amounts.

Bone Pain And Muscle Problems

Vitamin D supplements can also cause bone pain or other muscle problems. These side effects can make you feel very weak. Even a simple activity can leave you tired and you will find it difficult to concentrate and be alert while doing daily activities.

Bone Pain

This health issue can disrupt your daily routine, so talk to your physician if you are taking vitamin D3 supplements and suffering from this side effect. The dosages may have to be changed accordingly.

Chest Pain

Vitamin D3 overconsumption could cause harm to your cardiovascular system and you may experience chest pain due to it. Excess calcium gets deposited in the arterial walls and the walls of the heart, which could lead to serious cardiovascular disease.

Chest Pain

The heart is unable to function properly. If you experience chest pain as a side effect of vitamin D3 supplements, you must consult your physician and follow the advice.

Kidney Problems

Vitamin D3 can cause kidney problems as it increases the calcium in the blood. This calcium rich blood passes through the kidneys, forming crystals in them, which results in kidney stones formation. The workload on your kidneys increases due to the high vitamin D levels, which can cause various kidney problems.

This is a serious side effect of vitamin D3 and hence it is better to avoid its long term use. Instead, one should opt for a healthy diet and a walk in the sun daily.

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