How To Prevent Diabetes

DiabetesDiabetes is a very debilitating disease especially if it gets out of control. It can be a leading cause of kidney failure, heart disease and blindness. Diabetes has turned out to be a veritable scourge in today’s world. Diabetes 1 is generally a hereditary disease in which, most of the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed due to which the pancreas is able to produce very little insulin which assists the glucose out of the blood and dispenses it to the muscles, liver cells and fat where it is converted into energy to be used by the body.

In type 2 diabetes the pancreas produce ample insulin, sometimes even more than is required but the body develops a resistance to insulin as a result of which blood sugar levels remain very high. This type of diabetes is more common and can even occur in children and adolescents. It is important to make diabetes prevention a priority if you are obese or if diabetes runs in your family.

Best Ways To Prevent Diabetes


Amla is an amazing fruit with a multitude of medicinal values. It is packed with vitamin C, polyphenols and tannins all of which give this fruit its unique free radical scavenging properties. These same compounds also protect the body from oxidative damage due to high blood sugar.


They also prevent insulin resistance and enable the body to use the insulin optimally thus helping in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. All you have to do is swallow one teaspoon of amla powder with a glass of water every morning, on a regular basis to eliminate the risk of diabetes.


Exercise regularly for half an every morning and every evening. Exercise not only helps you to lose weight but also helps to keep the blood sugar levels under control. It increases insulin absorption by the body and maintains the health of all the organs and keeps them functioning optimally. It also enhances metabolism and promotes the proper distribution of glucose throughout the body.

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Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is most essential to control the blood sugar level and to prevent diabetes. The fiber does not need breaking down like carbohydrates and thus it does not raise the blood sugar levels.

Dietary Fiber

You must cut down on animal food and include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Fiber also lowers the risk of heart disease and helps you to lose weight.



Turmeric has powerful weapons which fight all kinds of infections and diseases and keep the body safe and healthy. It contains huge amounts of curcumin which prevents the destruction of insulin producing cells and also removes the barriers of insulin resistance. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder into a glass of hot milk and consume it once daily.

Lose Extra Weight

Losing weight can greatly minimize your risk of diabetes. Every kilogram of weight you lose- takes you towards better health and keeps the blood sugar levels normal. Avoid oily and fatty foods and processed starches and sugars. Drink twelve glasses of water everyday.

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